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Jobs in the area

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by MetalMan, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. MetalMan

    MetalMan Tigard, OR New Member

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    I've been unemployed for about 3 years, been desperately job searching for at least 1 year for anything, retail, general labor, crap work. Couldn't even land an interview for all those supposed "jobs Americans won't do" (more like jobs off-limits to Americans). I just moved to Portland from the other side of the country and I graduated from college a few months ago. I have a Bachelor in Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology. I have not seen any entry level jobs out there for anything related to mechanical engineering or even just technicians.

    So if anyone knows of a place that is willing to hire a recent college grad with an engineering degree, let me know. I am willing to go to anyplace within Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, northern Colorado, Montana, maybe North Dakota.
  2. nubus

    nubus Guest

    Look into wind farms. You may have to take a few specific classes, but it's a growing industry.
    Bonneville Power Administration and some other private companies are expanding in this area.
    A friend of mine just finished a 2-year program that landed him a $75k plus gig with a private power company.
  3. PhysicsGuy

    PhysicsGuy Corvallis, OR Resident Science Nut

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    Ive seen a few entry level engineering positions USAjobs.gov, and on Oregon's state job site in the past. Also expanding your professional network will help quite a bit, the previous jobs I have had have been granted to me on reputation alone.
  4. wwkii

    wwkii gilchrist oregon Active Member

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    hey man sorry to here your luck i have been a carpenter for over 17 years and now im working at a gold mine in northern nevada . i went through new hire training with a bunch of collage grads engineers . im working for barrick gold in nevada . check there web site out also newmont gold in nevada is definetly hiring right now for haul truck drivers no experiance needed atleast 20 per hour 5 days on five days off 12.5 hr days lots of overtime and killer benefits for both companys . with your collage i guarntee you can get on. as you can see from my spelling im not a collage grad hahaha good luck
  5. jdub75

    jdub75 PNW Well-Known Member

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    Check out PGE & the other utilities. Also, check out Halliburton. They are doing massive hiring (11,000 people in the next few years...in North Dakota!) but they pay great...

    JSJPDX East Portland Gold Supporter Gold Supporter

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    Try looking at Intel's web site. They currently have a bunch of engineering jobs open and the largest US site is out in Hillsboro. Make sure you plug Recent College Graduate into your search criteria.

    Good luck!
  7. samuelm16

    samuelm16 se pdx Well-Known Member

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    halliburton is hiring a mass amount of people in north dakota right now
  8. buick455

    buick455 se portland Member

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    I would keep an eye on Boeing jobs in entry level work like deburr and hand finish. If you can get you foot in the door you can work you way into better jobs pretty fast.
  9. farpolemiddle

    farpolemiddle Portland Member

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  10. Bigfoot

    Bigfoot Clack Co. OR Well-Known Member

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    I know a guy that went to N Dakota last winter to work in the oil and gas fracking fields monitoring equipment. Take lots of thermal underwear cause he says that it's fracking cold, and there's very little to do during downtime.
  11. Buddhalux

    Buddhalux Hillsboro, Oregon Active Member

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    Throw some applications in at Intel Corp. Thanks to our CEO's bs agreement with the Great Satan we can only hire RCG's instead of people with 2-20 years in any field.