Is there value to old maps?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Silver Fox, Aug 29, 2009.

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    So I am digging through the bubblegum in the garage and I come across some old maps. One is from the Sisters ranger district dated 1986. It has the warm springs res up north and the bottom right Bend, OR. Lots of topo detail.

    Another is Dallas, OR Dated 1942 Army Corp of EN with aerial photography completed by U.S. Army air force 1939. It shows the old road system prior to HWY 22. I also have 9 CA maps (San Andreas, sutter creek, colfax, sirraville, pyramid creek and big trees). All are 1/125,000 except one is 1/62,500. There are two that are 7.5 minute series. All are from survey data late 1890's and reprint late 1940's to early 50's.

    Are these things worth anything? I am thinking of framing the Dallas, OR and displaying in the house. I went to school in Monmouth and
    I used to belong to B Co in Dallas. The rest I could toss but I thought I would check before doing so.

  2. slythorne

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    The CA maps might be worth a little coin, but probably not much. It all depends on whether some bottle collectors already have it or not :cool:

    The Dalles one might have some value to a collector, or just some guy who wants to go see what is left of the old structures/roads.
  3. ZeroRing

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    Rather than just tossing them, you might consider donating them to a local historical society or even just the library. You never can tell when something like that might have some historical significance someday and it'd be a shame to just dump it. (All of this is assuming they are in decent shape). :thumbup:
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    The really old maps of central oregon are pretty cool. The really old maps show all the state parks more specifically lava tubes or caves.
    The forestry center removed them because people were getting hurt and/or vandalizing them.
  5. Keane

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    There is most likely not much value to them unfortunately, though they may fetch a few bucks each for someone to which they has significance.

    I would consider taking the nicest one, and having it framed, it seems like that would go great in an office/living room as a conversation starter.

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