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WTT WA Huge milsurp collection for trade


I am located near Tacoma, I am looking to make space in my collection due to an upcoming move and would like to trade away an instant collection of milsurps. I’m looking for something unique and would trade either multiple rifles or the entire collection for it. I like modern firearms or beltfeds, .50 cal, scar, tavor, p-90, 1919 anything really. I would be able to add more firearms or other ww2 collectibles to the trade of you have something worth more. The list of rifles is as follows.

1. Japanese type 38 with intact mum and markings, SN is 102449x. Complete working with all parts and no major damage.

2. Japanese type 38 with ground mum but intact markings, cracked stock but still functional and able to fire, SN 85701x.

3. Japanese type 38 with ground mum but crisp markings, all parts intact and in great working condition , Japanese armory mark on buttstock, SN 82569X.

4. Japanese type 99 with ground mum but intact markings, HAS anti aircraft sights, last ditch bolt missing safety, and crack in stock. Extremely rare 4 DIGIT SN 721X.

5. Japanese type 99 ground mum and no Japanese symbols, last ditch saftey, good working condition extremely RARE 4 DIGIT SN 917X MFG by Toyo Kogyo.

6. Japanese type 99 ground mum intact markings, HAS anti aircraft sights, good overall condition, missing saftey. SN 6266x.

7. Rare Japanese Type I carcano in beautiful condition, markings are 257 ROB and SN is J 929x.

8. Italian 1894 Terni in beautiful condition with bayonet and scabbard. SN M2759.

9. Italian carcano carbine, terni in beautiful condition with 1925 stamp on stock. SN DN 155X.

10. Italian carcano carbine, BRESCIA 1917, in good condition SN AS 255X.

11. Italian Carcano carbine with built in folding bayonet, CAL 6.5, CARDONE VT 941-XIX, SN RM 280X, well marked stock in good overall condition.

12. Czech VZ-24 Mauser, needs Fowler and trigger guard screws but other than that good working condition. SN 7033YX.

13. U.S. model 1917 Winchester sporterized in good working condition, SN 4098X.

14. US model 1917 Winchester sporterized with nice redfield peep sight. In great working condition SN 11533X.

15. Enfield No.4 MK I Long branch dated 1950, sporterized missing mag.



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