How wrong can hollywood get it?

I have learned to live with the usual endless magazines, revolvers that shoot way more than six shots, explosions spiked with gasoline to create huge fireballs, but tonight was special. I've been binge watching "Night Shift" on netflix, partway through season 3 there is a swat team shoot out with bad guys! The bad guys are shooting out of the windows of an OFFICE TRAILER, AND THEN DUCKING DOWN FOR "COVER"! Apparently office trailers in texas are bullet proof and incapable of being hit by a swat team thirty feet away (no holes). I'm getting plate carriers loaded with quarter inch paneling and flattened beer cans and selling them in the ' hood.
My favorite one is Bruce Willis in Last Man Standing. He wields 2x 1911's that shoot like 20 rounds each without reloading in every gun fight. LOL.
Yeah, I don't think they had long-tube mags back in the '20s or '30s, and the longest 1911 mags I know of only hold 15. Even those you wouldn't wanna bet your life on...
One of the worst is the trigger/striker-pin dropping 'click' 'click' 'click' noise on an empty auto-loading pistol.

That and the constant rattling sound every time someone is handling a pistol. I understand that there may be a little in the way of loose tolerances, but if one's slide is rattling that hard on the frame.....(?)

I can shake all of my pistols around in the air, and I can't seem to get any sort of noise effect.
Read your thread title and thought...pretty god damn wrong...

See any use of a suppressor, rifles fired in small room with no ear pro, using sheet metal for cover (cars, walls, etc.), people getting blown off their feet when shot, good guys taking torso hits from rifles and surviving...

I’m sure there’s more but that’s just off the top of my head.

Perhaps the worst offense, imo, is that they use firearms at all without taking even one afternoon to go learn to shoot.
I think Hollywood went out of it's way to use silencers on revolvers. Any Charlie's Angels or Starsky & Hutch episode wasn't authentic without one. Maybe physics were different in the 70s. That and the perfectly zeroed rifle scope.

I thought the 70s were more about recession and gas lines. Hollywood's version was $200,000 Hitmen and obese or elderly private dicks.
I know I can always count on hollywood to very inaccurately portray guns and physics.

For example - even in what was supposed to be a “good” gun movie - John Wick 3, Neo picked the 9mm PCC against armored targets “for extra penetration” compared to the .223 or other rifle calibers there and you just shout “get the flip out of here!”

At that point, just laughing at the stupidity of it all becomes the point of the movie...


For me and my particular firearms tastes...

The Revenant , besides being an awful movie...has a multi shot flintlock single shot pistol and a guy using a pan primer / priming horn to prime his well as several fellas walking around with their frizzen open...:eek: :D

The Last of the Mohicans and the infamous "silk patch" that will somehow get Hawkeye an extra 40 yards....:rolleyes:

Are two movies that come to mind.
And both of those movies has excellent technical advisors....too bad the director didn't listen to them.

Band of Brothers , The Big Red One and Battleground...however are excellent with gun handling , effects of projectiles , noise , as well as just what combat can do to a person.
1) " My favorite one is Bruce Willis in Last Man Standing. He wields 2x 1911's that shoot like 20 rounds each without reloading in every gun fight. LOL."
I can't hit anything trying to shoot with both hands at the same time. One gun, both hands, and lots of reloads may not have the cinematic panache of blasting away with 2x 1911s, but it sure gets more lead on target.

2) "I liked the Magnum PI last season when a bad guy came up behind and surprised TC with a "cocking gun sound" with his Glock. Nothing like adding a little realism to the script. LOL."
I liked the scene in Freejack in which the hero knocks on the door where his old squeeze lived and you hear a pump shotgun shucking followed by the resident pulling a double bbl.
Same in Buster Scruggs in the bank robbery sequence where you hear a pump with following shots from 3 swivel mounted doubles.

3) Speaking of Buster Scruggs I love the scene where Buster stomps on the table 3 times causing Surly Joe to shoot himself with each one. But then, that's a cartoon with live actors. (Also note that as the vignette unfolds Surly Joe's gun changes from a 7.5" bbl in his hand to a shorter one on the floor.)


....Yet somehow the old Westerns get a pass from me!

I can overlook a lot of it, if the story writing, and acting, is good. Consider this. Untruths/incorrect things in movies? Consider watching nightly television news from 4:00-7:00 every night for a week? Untruths and incorrect to the nth.!


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