How the Anti Gun Left uses lies false stats to cheat their way to stealing the 2nd Amendment

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    What Is shown below is a daily occurrence in The Portland Area. 99% of these are GANG related. Not one damned gun law will have any affect on any of them. What would have an effect is abolishment and control of the Gangs and every member that is in them. But they seem to serve a purpose and that is fear in the public which makes them inclined to vote for tax levies for Law enforcement and jails. Instead of actually cracking down hard on the gangs they do things that essentially have zero effects on controlling and stopping any of it. Instead they prop up their gun crime statistics and use that against the 2nd Amendment and the citizens as well. This accounts for most of the false gun stats that the anti's use for the state.
    Seriously there is 1 to 2 and sometimes more shootings a night in Portland/Gresham areas every day of the year.and they are predominantly gangs doing the shooting.
    The stats the anti gun crowd are deliberately misleading and deceptive.

    Sign on to the flash reports for the region and see for yourself. We have been following them for a couple years now.
    These are serious and if it keeps up Portland and cities like it will catch up to places like Chicago in criminal activity and murder rate and it has nothing to do with the number of guns in good citizens hands, yet that is who the politicians and MSM attacks.


    Example one:


    News Release from Portland Police Bureau
    Posted on FlashAlert: October 4th, 2015 8:57 AMDownloadable file: PPB_GET.jpg
    On Sunday October 4, 2015, at 1:04 a.m., North Precinct and Gang Enforcement Team (GET) officers responded to Northeast 19th Avenue and Broadway on the report of a disturbance and shooting.

    Officers arrived in the area and located evidence of gunfire, including damage to an apartment building and a parked vehicle.

    Numerous witnesses reported hearing multiple gunshots and hearing cars speed out of the area.

    Based on information learned at the scene, GET officers assumed control of the investigation.

    Example 2


    News Release from Portland Police Bureau
    Posted on FlashAlert: October 4th, 2015 12:43 AMDownloadable file: GET.jpg
    On Saturday October 4, 2015, at 12:08 p.m., North Precinct and Gang Enforcement Team (GET) officers responded to the report of a shooting with multiple victims at the Red Lion Jantzen Beach Hotel, located at 909 North Hayden Island Drive.

    Officers and medical personnel arrived and located one victim suffering from a gunshot wound. The victim was transported to a Portland hospital for treatment to injuries that do not appear to be life-threatening.

    Preliminary information indicates that there was a large group of gang members and associates at the hotel for a party. The suspect was outside the hotel and fired several shots before fleeing the area. Several vehicles left the scene but at this time there is no specific suspect information.

    Officers have received unconfirmed information of additional victims that may have left the scene.

    Officers entered the hotel and found evidence of a shooting and several rooms impacted by gunfire.

    Additional officers from Central and East Precincts, as well as the Air Support Unit responded to assist with the investigation.
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    The Flash Reports cover most LE and other emergency services in every region and city in the state. You can subscribe and get daily reports on thisng that happen. Much of which the media never reports and if they do sometimes they twist the facts.
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    None of the proposed laws would stop the vast majority of "gun violence". None of the proposed laws would have stopped the shooting at the Community College in Oregon.

    Get ready for 2016 people!

    Donate $200+ or more to NRA, GOA, and OFF. These groups need as much money as possible to protect our Second Amendment rights.
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    "Gun Control" isn't about controlling guns, as most objective people understand, it's about people control - ultimately turning citizens into subjects. The same objective as nationalizing schools, the healthcare system and local law enforcement. It's time to dismantle the political class...
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    That is a good thing to do.
    But the media needs replacing and that is up to people like you and me that can find means to get truth out to everyone instead of allowing the leftist media twist and warp everything to their agenda. Become louder than they are.
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    when the next couple of crops of kids come out of indoctrination, I mean public school, totally brainwashed against guns, the tide will change. I'll be an old fart (an older fart ) by then watching the 2nd slip away. It will take a mass movement to repeal the 2nd amendment. And when liberals have an emotional mandate from the public, they don't care about any stinking constitution anyway. I don't have any kids in school, but wonder how they present the 2nd amendment.
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    Education is the Main tool they (communist/Marxist/socialists ) have used for 5 decades to defeat us. They boiled the frog right into leather and have already vilified guns to a point that kids now see the 2nd as an infection without even knowing why it is in the Constitution.
    They have devalued the US Constitution to being an outdated document without meaning.
    Well they still want to keep the things that they can use against us but the rest they have taught the kids that it is useless.
    The most hideous part of all that is we the people have not stood in mass and made them stop belittling our nation and everything it stands for.
    The people that have done this should have been railed out of the country long ago.
    They needed to be taught that our Constitution is the most unique and valuable document in the world and then taught to defend it to the death if need be, but they were not. And We just let the education system and the doctrine pushers do what ever they wanted.

    There are a few good teachers yet but they are generally railroaded out of the schools or put into side slipped holes in the wall in some obscure job and location.
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    Future generations will not even know what liberties they do not have....I grew up without seatbelts.....

    There is definately a sadistic nature to the left's frustration with individualism. Quite a phenomena; the amount of control some people want to have over the lives of others....and the desire to resist being controlled is equally-profound, both sides are learning how to improve....

    It seems as though every great schism in human history has occurred over the arguement surrounding the ownership of a title, a thought, a statement, an object, or a person.

    There will be no real-time information or privileged views (like on TV), we may never know what sacrifices are being made in the next town over until word of mouth sends it.

    The technology-inequality out paces income-inequality; the have-nots will be forced underground.
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    The Gangs could ALL be stopped if they wanted them stopped.
    That should clarify to people the extent that they do not want the shootings stopped.
    It is one of the primary tools that gives them the stats they use to enact Anti gun laws.

    Same goes for the FBI and almost every other ABC agency in the Nation.

    The Leftist politicians are as evil as that shooter at UCC.
    Only they pretend to be righteous about their swimming in the blood of innocents.

    One example is the amount of money they provide the LE with for things like White collar crime but not one damned dime for abolishing all gang activity.

    FBI — Justice Department Announces New Strategy to Combat Intellectual Property Crimes and $3.2 Million in Grant Funding to State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies
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    We certainly are at a disadvantage. The media is firmly against us and that is how a large majority of the voting public get their information - either TV, radio or social media. Even when people have had the money to spend on ads, the local media have rejected the ads.

    We're fighting an uphill battle. Our best and most effective weapon will be us. Going from person to person, all across the state, and making sure they are aware of not only the facts, but also what they stand to lose. We need to make sure that every single person that gives a rip about their gun rights no only votes pro-gun, but actually votes. Too many folks have admitted to not casting a vote believing it would do no good - and that is one of the reasons we lost the majority in 2014.

    You can't just sit home, do nothing, and expect to keep your rights.
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    Yes that is correct. The young back about 3 generations maybe 4 have no idea what they are losing and what they have lost.
    They cannot see it or experience it.
    They come on with bs like ok just what did I lose.

    What they lost could not be shown in a thousand pages here.
    They believe their lives are just dandy.
    They are so used to the government providing so many things for them that they won't even try to see beyond that. One of the most blatant things is
    I used to be, able and so have many here were able to do is just walk into a store and buy a nice firearm without having to go through a hundred hoops.

    We never had the school shootings.
    We had shooting teams at the majority of the schools in the region.

    We were able to walk into a school, put a gun into a locker and go hunting on the way home.

    They need to look at history of the world and see what happened to every culture that was disarmed.
    It WILL happen here too if it is allowed.
    It always ends in some form of genocide because of some despots whim of the moment.

    That is the degree that things have changed since just the early 60's then in 63 it began, and all hell began in 68 and progressed to what we see today.

    Government is into every tiny part of our life now.

    The weak and weak minded want the gov to provide for them, People cannot see 6 feet beyond the Iphone screen.
    They all want to be given everything and cannot even compete in sports without being given the same reward as those who actually earned a reward.

    Schools hardly have any scoreboards or even Good is seen as evil and evil seen as good..
    People are so mentally weak anymore that when they actually get into the world and can't do anything they go postal. They cannot handle not being viewed as a winner even though they have not earned that.

    Girls are encouraged to be boys and boys are encouraged to be girls.
    Mentally this nation is upside down.
    Good is seen as evil and evil seen as good..

    There is no way this can end well.

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    What is funny is generally the first thing to be hit when any civil war begins is the media and transmitters that spread information. What they do is not popular with the patriots of America and I suspect that will haunt them in the end in not such a good way. In every nation that has had things like that break out the radio stations, Tv stations, Newspapers and things like that are generally the first and biggest priority as a target. They should really be trying to preserve this Nation not harm it as they have done so far.
    I just have a gut feeling that all of this will not end well for them and probably not for a lot of people in this country.
    So how do you fix dumb. You don't.
    The stuff about the leader trying to bring the UN here is in my estimation the biggest mistake that they have ever made to date. But again you don't fix dumb. You fix its cause and carriers.
    Sad to think about. I still thought we would not actually see what is coming in our time but what I see now is it won't be avoidable.
    Even if you don't believe in God you best pray to what every greases your wheel, (we're all in the same foxhole), for things to change before it reaches the fuse. That fire has been lit.

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    Obama’s Answer to Gun Homicide

    Hours after the school shooting in Roseburg, Oregon Obama was on television lobbying for obtrusive gun control. After studying the 2010 Census Bureau gun crime statistics six of the seven states that have the highest rate of gun ownership also have the lowest rate of gun murders. Southern states generally have more gun murder than northern and western states. One common denominator, although there were a few exceptions; those states with the highest population density per mile had the most gun homicides. District of Columbia with a population density of 10,298 people per square mile had 21.8 murders per 100,000 population, the highest murder rate in the U.S.. Wyoming with population of 5 people per sq. mile had .9 homicides per 100,000 population. /wiki/Gun_violence_in_the_United_States_by_state

    Three states with gun murder rates five times lower than the national average have been punished with draconian gun control laws, Colorado, Washington and Oregon. One other peculiar fact; soon after the initiation of restrictive gun ownership laws gun homicides often spike significantly and seldom fall to the pre gun control level.

    Vermont has the most permissive gun control laws in the country. No permit is required for concealed carry. No local gun control statute may be passed that is more stringent than state statutes. 42% of the people own guns. In 2010 2 people were murdered by firearms in Vermont, the lowest number of gun homicides of any state.

    In response to President Obama’s request for more gun control; why is it that in the two places you maintain residences, President Obama, places that have the strictest gun control laws in the United States, Chicago and the District of Columbia, they also have the highest incidence of gun shootings? In the year to date there have been 2319 people shot in Chicago. Police Commissioner Garry McCarthy states that the bad guys have too many guns. What he doesn’t say is, the good guys have none. There is not one gun store in the city, nor is it possible to buy ammunition to protect oneself. Chicago is the prime example of the colossal failure of tyrannical, ill conceived gun control laws. While tiny District of Columbia with an area of 68 sq. miles had 105 homicides in 2010, Vermont, New Hampshire, the Dakotas and Wyoming all states with the least restrictive gun laws had a grand total of 24 gun homicides in 2010.

    Should a president whose pacifistic foreign policy has resulted in a disastrous upheaval, contributed to a massive death toll in the Middle East; a president who has just financed Iran to expand international terrorism and given it a path to a nuclear bomb and delivery system be advocating ill conceived gun control in the United States. I say no and ask; What is your motive? You are threatening the future of the human race.
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    First off half of these shootings are fake.. Like the reporter shooting in Virginia. That was so poorly acted its pathetic.. He stands there pointing a gun for 28 seconds clearly in PLAIN SIGHT and no one sees him>>> BS. And at one point she looks right at him. And he shoots her point blank and not one single bullet hits her??? BS. No shells eject from the gun and in the camera mans shot she nods before he shoots and in his cell phone shot she does not.. It was done in two takes.. Now the shooting here Im sure was real.. BUT. I wouldn't doubt that the CIA has something to do with it.. Ever hear of MK ultra mind control.. Yeah I know it sounds like crazy conspiracy crap but it is declassified.. The DOD and pentagon has spent millions over the past 50 yrs studying mind control and brain washing. They can use drugs in combination with radio and micro waves and key (activate) words.. Like with the case of aurora and columbine.. And sandy hook was another fake drill made to look real.. NOTHING about that incident holds water.. So I can guarantee these are all being carried out to pass gun laws.. They know they can't outright take them.. YET.. So they are chipping away at it piece by piece by banning ammo, magazines, lead imports, registers.,, etc.. Pretty soon it will be so hard to get one or to get ammo it will in a sense be a done deal.. WAKE UP AMERICA.. The liberal commies are using communist tactics to ruin our once great country.. They people are a cancer.. And should be dealt with as such.. Now you can't even call boys and girls "boys and girls" cause its "gender stereotyping".. These people are complete psychopaths..

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