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Home based FFL in WA?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by balline36m3, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. balline36m3

    balline36m3 Yakima WA Active Member

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    Anybody have a home based ffl? Worth the hassle to get guns sent to your door and do a few transfers for other people to keep the license? Just curious to see what you guys think
  2. 2506

    2506 Seattle Well-Known Member

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    I know my dad had an FFL for "home-based stuff' for a while. He didn't renew due to fees and headaches, he says, brought on by 9/11.
  3. MountainBear

    MountainBear Sweet Home, OR Well-Known Member

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    ATF can inspect your house at their demand. Most distributors won't sell to you without a separate location from your residence. Insurance can be an issue. Security can be an issue. I had mine at my home in Oregon for a gunsmithing business, and was very happy the day I switched it to a separate location.

    I enjoy having my FFL, but I miss buying, selling, and trading guns off the books. The only legal way I can sell a gun without going through business now is to check a gun into my books, check it out to myself, and keep it over a year. Other than that, everything has to go through the books. There was a certain entertainment factor to FTF transactions over the years.
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