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Can anyone tell me why HK handguns are so overpriced? I suspect alot of people are gonna knee-jerk and spit out "quality." Problem with that answer is there are plenty of companies that make quality handguns and most at a fraction of the price. As far as I know HK isn't really bringing anything new to the table as far as innovation and the production cost certainly can't be so high as to warrant the price they demand. Doesn't it make more sense to sell for the same price as Glock and get two or three or even four times as many buyers?

It's possible that HK is doing something very special and I just don't know about it and if thats the case, by all means, lemme know. :D
Can anyone tell me why HK handguns are so overpriced?
The answer is "they are not."

You can call that "knee jerk" if you like, but the reality is that they are probably the finest made polymer gun in the world these days.

I guess if you have the "Wal-Mart" mentality and think nothing should cost more than it's cheaply made chinese equivalent you might have trouble understanding why quality matters.
Not lookin' to start an argument, war or hurt anyone's feelings.

Just wanna know what makes HK so much better that they're charging two and three times as much as a Glock...which is neither cheaply made nor a chinese equivalent. And if you don't like Glock, for the purpose of this discusion you can replace Glock with Springfield or really anything else you like.
Oh that was great. All this and the AR Gas tube thread, too.

By the way, our cheap, mass-produced, stamped sheet metal guns like the G3 and MP5 are the bestest things ever, and totally worth asinine scalpers prices, but note that cheap, mass-produced, stamped sheet metal guns from other countries are commie garbage. Not that it matters, because you're civilians, so we won't sell them to you anyway. Because you suck, and we hate you, but we know you'll be back. We can beat you down like a trailer park wife, but you'll come back, you always do.
Buy our stuff.
HK Marketing DepartmentHK
Oh that was great. All this and the AR Gas tube thread, too.
Yes, he basically took all topics regarding H&K on and I couldn't agree more! The first time I read this, I was in tears laughing because I had the EXACT same experiences working for a dealer when the Future Weapons episode premiered. We all of a sudden got bombarded with questions and requests for the 416 but we just directed folks to POF, though they said, "it's not the same thing, its not an HK!"

I love shooting both the UMP and MP5, especially suppressed, though they are ridiculously priced for non-dealer/manufacturer NFA types! Oh well! I'll stick with my AR pistol in 9mm and my Glock!
What place are you looking at that has new glocks for under $400? The P30 is selling for around $700, P30L is around $770, HK45 is around $825 and HK45c is around $850. Anything more than that is price gouging and you should probably be made at the shop for charging outrageous prices. As for used, I haven't paid more than $600 for any of mine. ;)

"Can anyone tell me why HK handguns are so overpriced?"

Because 6-12 months ago, when the "new" HK's were made, the exchange rate for 1 Euro was about $2. The cost will even up when the rate reverses.
Can anyone tell me why HK handguns are so overpriced?
Although I own several H&K handguns, I'll come at this from as detached and objective a place as I can find. I tend to get wordy and philosophical, so bear with me.

I won't mention the strength of the dollar, as it's already been covered... and I won't go into all the series custom (mostly 1911) pistols made by American makers/gunsmiths who's prices can easily exceed the most costly of H&K handguns... as they have their own unique perceptions to deal with.

Your choice if the word "overpriced" indicates to me that your internal "value limiter" is telling you that there can't possibly be a good reason to spend more than $XXX for any handgun. Nothing wrong with that... unless you have all the money in the world, everyone has a practical limit for everything.
As we all know, perception is reality, so I won't make any attempt to sell you on H&K... Not everyone should be an H&K owner.

We all ask the same question sooner or later about some product or service. There is always a price basement where only fools tread, and the high end of the range where, so you'd think, only fools with money tread... and the happy middle of the road where perceived value for your dollar is at it's best balance.

H&K, at least as far as their current crop of handguns is concerned, is neither in the middle or the high end, but rather in a range that spans those two points in our cost curve. Pricing runs from the mid $600s to well over $2000 for a MK23. There are other brands that cost more... but they do not have the image H&K has cultivated.

With H&K, there is a real and a perceived perception of value and quality. There is also intrinsic value, resale and image value... the last of which should not be taken lightly. Exceptional "brand value" is a highly sought after and costly to create prize for any manufacturer.

Much of H&Ks handgun reputation is built on older designs. The P7 and P9, the VP70 and original USP are all milestones in handgun design. The MK23 has such a, mostly unfounded, "super weapon" aura surrounding it that people want one without even understanding what it was designed for.

A good amount of H&Ks reputation with the general public is built not on their handguns but on their submachine guns and tactical rifles. This reputation of H&Ks being serious weapons for deadly serious individuals carries over to handguns.

When it comes down to it, no manufacturer has the reputation for quality, and perhaps more importantly the perception of "combat readiness" associated with the H&K brand.

Unless you can buy things like cars, motorcycles, shotguns, wrist watches and handguns with complete detachment... buying based only on known and factual values of functionality or some other criteria, emotional values will have a place in your decision making process.

The desire in us all for a quality product has many levels and points of reference. I won't spend more than $150 for a coffee maker... but given my choice, I'd just as soon have the choice to bet my life on a $1000 handgun or $1500 shotgun. Perception is in fact, reality... ain't it.



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