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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Chalupacabra, Oct 11, 2012.

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    I'm new to this forum having just finding it in a Google review search of TCGC. I will more than likely join.:cool:
    I've been shooting for a long time and I am getting tired of driving out to spots I know I can shoot at only to find that it's closed or more crowded than the mall.
    The English Pit in Vancouver is OK, but the $17 fee will add up and I'm a rather frugal dude who likes to buy most things, including range fees, in bulk.:thumbup:
    Besides, I would like to improve my shooting by eventually doing competitions and getting some pro training beyond the benchrest. I am a CHL holder in OR and UT and an OFF member.
    A couple years ago, I assembled an AR and almost enjoyed the shopping and assembling as much as shooting it:D
    Other interests are...ANYTHING outdoors related and some fun DiY projects. As I mentioned, I'm a frugal guy(saving for a big down on some real estate), and I plan on getting into reloading in the very near future.
    My decision to join this forum is the same reason I like going to ranges, to learn from people who likely do it better :) I also like the banner asking for help in cleaning shooting areas. I plan on doing this since I usually drag out all I can fit in my hatchback anyways. See you at the range.
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    Welcome to NWF!

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