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What is the mission of the website you are linking to?

You have to join to read the forums.

The site supports the Constitution and the ENTIRE Bill of Rights.

It is uncensored, has 3 "Adults Only" Forums, as well as a bunch of others.

No Members are ever poofed, locked or banned, so sometimes it's kind of a free-for-all furball - but it's a lot of fun.

It's been up for about a year and a half, and paid for, for another 5 years.

We invite ALL to join, as you do - it's free.

That would be: www,

Thank y'all for your responses.

So you run your own forum and you dont know the basic laws of the state you live in? Sounds like your trolling to me....

Sorry - not a troll - I've been on GunBroker for 7 years, this coming September, and have around 28,000 posts there.

My screen name on GB is Colt Super, and on 1776 is Doug Wilson.

I've been a Member here, since January, 2010.

I cam here seeking specific knowledge about open carry in OryGun.

Yes, I do know that OryGun is an open carry State, but I was not sure of the specific places where it isn't allowed.

And toobigtofail kindly informed me.

I apologize if I committed an error on your Forum.

Just seeking Knowledge.

Thank you Sir - the credit for our site belongs to plumber.

He started, has paid for it and does all the neat techy stuff.

Through some MASSIVE brain failure, he made me admin.

Easiest job I've ever had - no poofing, no locking, no editing of Members posts.

And the incredible amount of money I get paid !!;)

Hey Doug if you google ORS 166.173 and ORS 166.370 you will see the laws. Portland, Beaverton, Salem etc. don't allow open carry without license. In portland if you OC your weapon has to be unloaded and if it is a semi auto your mags have to be empty. But if you have a valid CHL/CCW/CWP you can open carry and have it be loaded (in public). I have had police stop me and tell me I can't open carry even with my license....... if that happens just have a copy of the oregon laws on hand. When you have a permit it is state issued so any city and county laws that say NO OPEN CARRY..... you can just ignore that because you are state and city and county laws don't apply to you as a state license holder.
I think another importand thing is that if you guys run into a LEO who is a boublegum, you should never chalange them if they are being ignarent. I live in Beaverton and the police got in my face and pretty much would not listen to me as I calmly explained that I was able to legally OC with my permit. I think they knew I was right but they didn't wat to be corrected, because if it was against the law for me to OC (with a valid CHL) in public they should and would have arrested me. So I told the officers I will conceal my glock and I did but I got names and badge numbers and I called the police department and asked for a SGT. They had a SGT call me and I told him about what had happend to me, and he said I was right and that he would contact the officers and inform them of the situation and the laws. Also try not to talk to police as much as possible because even when you are being honest you will always say something that can and will be used against you. Police can lie to you but you can't lie to police.... you have the right to remain silent, guilty or not so keep your mouth shut lol......

By the way........ YW Doug.
I visit enough forums... i don't need to have another

Appreciate the offer though.
Sig 232 suggested that I ask y'all this:

What are the open carry rules in OryGun ??

Thank you, and please visit me at <broken link removed>


Hi Doug

I am a member here as "longcolt" hope you got your question answered.
Come visit often, nice group of folks here with lots of great information about our part of the country.


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