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Have any of you ever done this?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by glockguy, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. glockguy

    glockguy Albany Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Sooo today me and one of my buddys go to a local gun shop, to look at accessories. I found a laser there that I thought would be nice for my ar when I get it next week.. Soo I look at the price tag and it says 19.99. and the guy says its a VERY good one.. Soo im like hmmm 19.99 what do i gotta loose.. Soo i get it and bring it home and put it on my shotty just to see how i like it.. Well I look up some info on it and see that its really a $150 one and Im like DAMN I got a good deal... Well Im thinking to myself that i got a deal to good to be true... Soo i come home from dinner with my women and some friends and check my bank account... turns out it was $119.00 I look at the price tag and the first 1 is almost none existent i was like :(... Soo i should of double checked the final price before entering my pen for my debit card... but GRRRRR!! Have you ever done this before? and now i cant take it back cause my buddy cut the pressure switch so im stuck with it.. ohhhh well...
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  2. Grizzly_A

    Grizzly_A Portland Metro Area Member

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    Nope, I usually check the total before I hand the cash over. Since I try and figure out the approximate total in my head...

    I hate seeing unclear pricing though...
  3. Teufel_Hunden

    Teufel_Hunden Albany, Oregon Active Member

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    That felt like it even hurt my bank account!!!!

  4. MikeIsh

    MikeIsh Portland Member

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    Being kind of new to the online shopping, I bid on a mag holster on Ebay. I won it. It only cost me .99, plus 2.50 shipping.
    Well I got it yesterday, It was from Tactical "TOYS". I didn't think that toys were that indepth. It is 1.2" high and 1/4" square, there is velcro to secure the thing to a very tiny belt, and to secure a very tiny mag inside.

  5. smithmax

    smithmax here Member

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    That's rough, I've also learned the hard way to double check everything affecting prices.

    Ebay has other problems too, including people selling pamphlets for GPS units for the cost of a real gps.