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    I've been making knives as a hobby for almost 10 years now. Most of these knives have a build video on YT if you want to see them made (IronRidgeOutdoors.) I do most of my sales through there, but I have sold a few to forum members in the past. With my next kid on the way, I unfortunately need to stop taking custom orders due to time constraints. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for looking.

    Fighting Bowie

    5160 steel
    .25in thick
    11.5in overall
    6.5in blade
    African ebony handle
    Leather sheath included
    KWQc0Fq.jpg uXx1aLk.jpg oaB2UoM.jpg

    Ebony Kwaiken
    Forged 5160 steel
    Differentially heat treated
    Full flat ground 6in blade
    10.75in overall
    1/4in thick spine
    African ebony scales
    Tooled leather sheath
    Eosmevk.jpg qCnsOk8.jpg

    Sgain Dubh

    Hand forged 1084
    3.25in blade
    7.5in oerall
    Differential heat treat
    Slight acid edge to bring out heat treat lines
    Black walnut and African ebony handle
    A leather sheath is included for stashing under your kilt.
    Y3PC31N.jpg EGiB1du.jpg

    Camp knife
    Forged 5160 steel
    Full flat ground 6in blade
    10.75in overall
    6in blade
    1/4in thick spine
    Cocobolo scales
    Texturing done throughout (hard to get on camera)
    Leather sheath included
    sDMPDYV.jpg IVpnTk4.jpg aJmm2QO.jpg

    EDC Belt Knife

    1095 Steel
    6in overall
    2.75in blade
    Cocobolo scales
    Cross draw belt sheath
    Antler pull
    VRnzHWq.jpg MhX0s4r.jpg

    Blacksmith's knife

    Hand forged Nicholson file (similar to 1095)
    4in Flat ground blade
    8.5in Overall
    Differentially heat treated
    Leather sheath included
    X80trUS.jpg 5GFSja2.jpg

    Sling Knife

    Jorge Sprave inspired
    Hand forged 1095
    4in blane
    10in overall
    Antler with cocobolo bolster
    Differentially heat treated
    GbMSBQZ.jpg VI5wyJE.jpg

    Light Woods Knife

    1900's saw mill blade (15n20)
    7.5in overall
    3.25in blade
    Walnut handle scales
    Leather sheath
    i6oVcu3.jpg Km2Wiob.jpg d5NvwiY.jpg
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    Those are all equally beautiful in their own unique way. Great craftsmanship and designs Sir.

    Edit: Also great YouTube content. I’ve always wanted to watch a handmade knife be made from scratch. You definitely have years of skill and knowledge there and I appreciate the fact that you take the time to share it and your process.
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