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Handgun holster manufactures and links.

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by Gas, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Gas

    Gas Gig Harbor, Washington, United States Active Member

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    5 shot Leather - http://www.5shotleather.com/
    A Holster Company - http://www.lefthandholster.com/
    A.E. Nelson - http://nelsonleather.com
    AJ Concealco - http://www.concealco.com/miva/merchant.mvc
    Aker Leather - http://www.akerleather.com/
    Alabama Holster Co. - http://alabamaholster.com/
    Alessi Holsters - http://www.alessigunholsters.com/
    Alfonso's Gunleather - http://www.alfonsosgunleather.com/
    Andrews Leather - http://www.andrewsleather.com/
    Arizona Gun Leather - http://www.arizonagunleather.com/
    B&D Concealment Holsters - http://www.bdconcealmentholsters.com/
    Bandera Gunleather - http://www.banderagunleather.com/
    Bell Charter Oak Holsters - http://www.bellcharteroakholsters.com/
    Bianchi - http://www.bianchi-intl.com/
    Black Hills Leather - http://www.bhlstore.com/
    Blackhawk - http://www.blackhawk.com
    Blade Tech - http://www.blade-tech.com/home.php
    Boston Leather - http://www.bostonleather.com/
    Brigade Gunleather - http://www.brigadegunleather.com/gunholsters.html
    Brommeland Gunleather - http://www.brommelandgunleather.com/
    Bulldog Custom Gun Leather - http://www.bulldogleathercompany.com/
    Bulman Gun Leather - http://www.bulmangunleather.com/holsters.html
    C5 Leather - http://www.c5leather.com/
    C Rusty Sherrick Leather Works - http://www.c-rusty.com/
    Center of Mass Holsters - http://www.comholsters.com/
    Combat Gun Leather - http://www.combatgunleather.com/
    Cobra Gunskin - http://www.cobragunskin.us/default.aspx
    Comp-Tac - http://www.comp-tac.com/
    Coronado Leather - http://coronadoleather.com/
    CR Speed - http://www.crspeed.co.za/
    Cross Breed Holsters - http://www.crossbreedholsters.com/
    Custom Carry Concepts - http://customcarryconcepts.com/
    D.M. Bullard Leather - http://www.dmbullardleather.com/index.html
    Dale Fricke Holsters - http://dalefrickeholsters.com/
    De Santis - http://www.desantisholster.com/
    Del Fatti - http://www.delfatti.com/
    Don Hume - http://www.donhume.com/
    Durango Gun Leather - http://www.dgunleather.com/index.htm
    Eagle Industries - http://www.eagleindustries.com/index.asp
    El Paso Saddlery - http://www.epsaddlery.com/
    Fin Designs - http://www.findesigns.net/fin.html
    Fist - http://www.fist-inc.com/
    Fobus Holsters - http://www.fobusholster.com/
    Front Line Ltd. - http://www.front-line.co.il/
    Galco - http://www.usgalco.com/
    Garrity's GunLeather - http://www.garritysgunleather.com/
    G-Code Holsters - http://www.tacticalholsters.com/
    Ghost Holster - http://ghostholster.com/
    Gould and Goodrich Holsters - http://gouldusa.com/
    Gradfather Oak Custom Carry - http://www.grandfatheroak.com./
    Grahams Custom Leather - http://www.grahamholsters.com/
    Grassburr Leather Works, Inc - http://www.grassburr.com
    Gunworks - http://www.gun-works.com/
    Haugen Handgun Leather - http://www.haugenhandgunleather.com/
    Hazel Leather - http://www.hazelleather.com/
    HBE Leatherworks - http://www.hbeleatherworks.com/
    High Noon - http://www.highnoonholsters.com/
    Hillsman Holster - http://www.hillsmanholster.com/
    Hoffners - http://www.hoffners.com/products.htm
    Holsterama - http://www.jbpholsters.com/servlet/StoreFront
    Horseshoe Leather - http://www.holsters.org/
    International Handgun Leather - http://www.ihlusa.com/
    JS Holsters - http://www.jsholsters.com
    J.W. O'Rourke Leather Products - http://www.gun-holsters.com/
    K.L. Null Holsters - http://www.klnullholsters.com/
    Kirkpatrick Leather - http://www.kirkpatrickleather.com/
    Kramer Leather - http://www.kramerleather.com/
    Lightning Arms Sports - http://www.lightningarms.com/products.htm
    Little Bear Holsters - http://www.littlebearholsters.com/
    Little Feather Leather - http://www.littlefeatherleather.com/
    The Malabar Front - http://www.themalabarfront.com/
    Master of Concealment - http://masterofconcealment.com/index.php
    Mernickle Holsters - http://www.mernickleholsters.com/
    Milt Sparks - http://www.miltsparks.com/
    Mitch Rosen - http://www.mitchrosen.com/
    Monica Kuehn Leather - http://www.monicakuehnleather.blogspot.com/
    Mountain Home Leather - http://www.mountainhomeleather.com/
    Nosser GunLeather - http://www.nossargunleather.com/
    Nevada Gun leather - http://www.nevadagunleather.com/
    Nick Matthews Holsters - http://www.nm-holsters.com/
    Pacific Canvas & Leather - http://www.pacificcanvasandleather.com/
    PagerPal - http://www.pagerpal.com/
    Peters Custom Holsters - http://www.shop.peterscustomholsters.com/
    Pistol Packaging, Inc - http://www.pistolpackaging.com/
    Pocket Concealment Systems - http://pcsholsters.com/main.html
    Pro Carry Holsters - http://www.theholsterstore.com/servlet/StoreFront
    Pure Kustom Holsters - http://www.purekustomholsters.com/
    PWL USA - http://www.pwlusa.com/
    Python Holsters - http://pythonholsters.com/
    Rafter S Gunleather - http://www.raftersgunleather.com/
    Raven Concealment - http://www.ravenconcealment.com/
    Ray's Holsters - http://www.shado.com/
    Rick Waltner Holsters - http://www.rickwaltnerholsters.com/
    RKBA Holsters - http://www.rkbaholsters.com/
    RF Holsters - http://www.rfholsters.com/rfholsters/default.asp?
    RM Holsters - http://www.rmholsters.com/
    Ross Leather - http://www.rossleather.com/
    Ryan Grizzle Leather - http://www.rgrizzleleather.com/
    Safariland - http://www.safariland.com/index2.aspx
    Sickinger - http://www.sickinger.at/
    Side Armor - http://www.sidearmor.com
    Side Guard - http://www.sideguardholsters.com/index.html
    Simply Rugged Holsters - http://www.simplyrugged.com/
    SmartCarry - http://www.smartcarry.com/
    Southern Holsters - http://southernholsters.com/
    Strong Holsters - http://www.strongholster.com/
    Sunrise Leather - http://www.sunriseleather.com/
    Survival Sheath Systems - http://www.survivalsheath.com/holsters/index.htm
    TacPro (Kydex) - http://www.tacpro.com/
    Tagua GunLeather - http://www.taguagunleather.com/
    Talon Tactical (Kydex) - http://www.talontactical.com/
    Tauris Holsters - http://www.taurisholsters.com/index.cfm
    Tennessee Holster Company - http://www.tennesseeholstercompany.com/
    The Leather Arsenal - http://www.leatherarsenal.com/
    The Wilderness - http://www.thewilderness.com/
    TSC Holsters - http://www.threatsolutions.com/IWBindex.html
    TT Gunleather - http://www.ttgunleather.com/
    Tucker Gun Leather - http://rlcompanyusa.stores.yahoo.net/
    Tuff Products - http://www.tuffproducts.com/home.php
    UBG Holsters - http://www.ubgholsters.com/index.html
    Uncle Mikes - http://www.uncle-mikes.com/
    Vega holsters - http://www.vegaholster.com/
    Wild Bills - http://www.wildbillsconcealment.com/
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  2. Collateral

    Collateral Monmouth Member

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  3. coctailer

    coctailer Portland, OR/Hastings, MI/Vancouver,WA I run with scissors.

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    I tacked this thread.

    Looks like a great list!:thumbup:
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  4. torrejon224

    torrejon224 Springfield, OR Member

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    Here is another Ritchie Leather Co., Inc: Amherst, NY If anyone is familiar with Lou Alessi then these guys are well worth checking out. Lou was a close family friend and Skip Ritchie was his business partner for many years and learned under the master. He makes the same designs Lou did but under different names and his delivery times are curently very fast as he's just getting started. I have been fortunate to test several of his rigs and a belt and honestly cannot tell the difference between what Lou did and Skips work!!
  5. pdxjohann

    pdxjohann Portland near Tigard Member

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    wow, thanks for taking the time to post them all.

    Do consider,Ted Blocker who does quality work and locally too.
  6. elsullo

    elsullo Portland Oregon New Member

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    Wonderful list! Thanks!.............................elsullo :thumbup:
  7. Sonic Cruiser

    Sonic Cruiser South Puget Sound-Kent Member

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    I picked up a DA Ringler Holster (cross draw). Very well made, leather, and found another which I bought that fits strong side or cross chest for SA.
  8. Inspectorkluso

    Inspectorkluso West Linn, Oregon New Member

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    Hi! This is my first post on this site so I thought I'd go for broke! If you can help by pointing me in the right direction 9orto the door), I'd really appreciate it. I'm looking for a Safariland holster. Now the fun begins. I'm looking for a "Border Patrol" model, left-handed Safariland holster. It's for a Model 28 S&W "Highway Patrolman" ("N" frame") with a six inch barrel. Safariland made these in the day out of real leather and they came felt-lined. To make this search even more difficult, I'd like to find one in brown with a basket weave pattern. Believe it or not, I found one in Colville, Washington, last month but it was right-handed...and the gunbelt would almost make it around my leg! Who in the world has a 28" waist??!! Thanks in advance for any help. I know that I'll probably have to go to Ted Blocker or another leather company and have something custom made. But I thought I'd ask. Thanks in advance!!
  9. EMP9596

    EMP9596 Two Trees West of Camas, WA. Active Member

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    Another local: Home
  10. bolus

    bolus Portland Well-Known Member 2015 Volunteer 2016 Volunteer

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    Can anyone recommend a Portland store for a good quality leather gun belt?
  11. gunfreak

    gunfreak Boise Well-Known Member

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  12. novamind

    novamind Hillsboro Active Member

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    MK Tactical in hillsboro has a new guy making custom holsters for them you might call and ask them.
  13. Horses are delicious

    Horses are delicious Willamette Valley Active Member

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    Three iwb holsters and about $100 later, I still recommend The Holster Store.com out of Kissimmee\St. Cloud Florida. Not local, not heirloom but rugged, comfy and affordable.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2012
  14. Twodogs

    Twodogs portland Or Active Member

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    Diamond D holsters best chest/guide holsters around.
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  15. coyote223

    coyote223 NW Oregon Stamp Collector,,,

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  16. g.i. joe

    g.i. joe Portland Active Member

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    I just got a custom hybrid holster from Eric at hhholsters.com, he fabricated a left hand holster to fit my G23 with surefire x200. Excellent quality, fit and finish, and good retention. If you have not made the move over to a hybrid, DO IT NOW! you wont be sorry. Im sorry I waited so long. HHHolsters.com offers color options, left or right hand, different light/pistol combinations, he will even do custom lettering on the leather. Very reasonable price and fast turn around. Did I mention Excellent customer service!
    here is a picture of my rig.
  17. Glock23gp

    Glock23gp Newport / Salem Active Member

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    I just got my Crossbreed Mini-tuck last night in the mail from their seconds website for my new Shield.. It feels amazing. I wore it all night and didn't notice it on the three errands i went on and almost forgot I had it on when I went to sleep. +10 to these holsters, will never have to look for a better one again...Especially for $48 shipped!!!

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  18. mcneal9926

    mcneal9926 Oregon Active Member

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    I would recommend sheperdsleather.com
    I have one for my admittedly bulky Ruger P95. Comfortable, and great service. At 40 bucks delivered, I couldn't find a better deal. 3 days from order to delivery, and american made in Texas. I am happy with it.
  19. Remora12

    Remora12 Salem New Member

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  20. codemonkey

    codemonkey oregon New Member

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