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what the **** is this?

well this is freaken drivin' me nuts. arr.

detail stripped the weapon, replaced all the springs. i couldn't figure out what spring this was, so i figured i'd just re-use it. re-finished and re-assembled the weapon.... and guess what part was still in my part tray.

the fire control group appears to be fully functional. it fires (dry fires), cocks, disconnects on pump, and the safety keeps the hammer down. i originally thought i'd remembered pulling this spring out of the FCG, but it doesn't seem to be a part of it.

the weapon functioned fine, reportedly, before i started working on it. my mission was to chop the barrel, chop the stock, refinish everything and replace all the springs. i did all of the above without issue except for the extractor spring- it looked nothing like the old one. the new one is long and soft, the old one was short and stiff. i went ahead and put it in anyway, and it fit... but now, reassembled, the weapon fails to eject about every 4th-5th shell. the shells hit the ejector and rattle loose from the extractor inside the action instead of properly ejecting. this could be the weird spring, or maybe could it have something to do with this extra part?
little bump for more ideas.

i put about 5 boxes through the weapon tonight... fails to eject as well as fails to feed- independent of each other. i think the fails to eject will be corrected by a new spring and extractor... but whats with the fails to feed? i dont think i was short stroking... but it's funny i didn't even think of that while on the range.

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