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Doing this fresh from memory of 10 minutes ago so won't utilize quotes unless I am sure.

Bill Hemmer was interviewing who I believe was the L.A. County Sheriff regarding the police ambush and their arrest of the suspect.

Apparently at least one of the guns the suspect was associated with was a "Ghost Gun". Hemmer asked for clarification of the term.

The seasoned, experienced, and I may assume intelligent guest replied that Ghost Guns are an 80% finished lower receiver, and all you have to do is "drill a couple holes" and you've got yourself a gun that is untraceable and unregistered.
He went on to advocate for Federal law to close this loophole that allows felons to obtain guns.

The quantum leap of logic there was left unaddressed. (Besides the obvious huge doubt that the homicidal punk was capable of "drilling a couple holes" in a 2x4, let alone finishing out an 80% receiver to functionality.)
Sadly the problem here is a huge portion of the voting population will never have any real clue what an 80% is or what it takes to make one into a working firearm. They hear what the big news feed tells them and go with it. Then another huge portion of the gun owning public also does not listen or care. Many do not vote at all or they vote for the people who are taking the rights away. So since so much of the population makes it a personal choice to remain ignorant they will get the laws they deserve. :(


Sadly the problem here is a huge portion of the voting population will never have any real clue what an 80% is or what it takes to make one into a working firearm.
Nor do they care.

These people are against guns whether they are 80% or 100% from known mfg.

Just hearing about an '80%' gun being finished by 'drilling a couple holes' is all they need to hear.

I suspect anything 80% will no doubt wind up on the 'roster' soon if it isn't already.
Felons can also make zip guns and slide fire shotguns out of plumbing parts. Guess we need a federal law that closes the hardware store loophole, too?

As others have mentioned, these people hate all guns. It doesn't matter how complete they are. They are the same people who expel children for having a nerf gun on their shelf during online classes, are triggered by a kid pointing his finger in the shape of a pistol, or flip their lids if someone chews a pop-tart into an unapproved shape. We aren't dealing with sanity here.
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think of the political mileage when a politician can hold up a ghost gun/loophole gun and claim they bought/ built it. Wonder why that hasn't happened yet? (A rhetorical question)
So, dude used a Pistol that is being claimed is a "Ghost Gun" but no info on the frame manufacture or any other details, so, HOW do we know it's REALLY a "Ghost Gun"? Some smug politician or anti 2nd sheriff says so, so that's what we run with? Sorry, but until we get details, not buying it! ANd besides, it's Legal to build and own one, unless your a felon and barred from owning a firearm, so the status of the gun doesn't matter, it's the action that counts not the tool used! :eek::eek::eek:


Pert sure he was a felon. Somewhere along the line during the capture effort, the guy did an armed car-jacking. While being chased he tossed a gun. I think they said it panned out to be the weapon turned on the cops.
So let me get this straight, this story could go like this. Bad guy uses a high power rifle (what ever that means .22? 30-06?) to jack a car and subsequently finds a "ghost gun" in the glove box whereupon he decides to attempt to assassinate (thankfully without success) two police officers. So in my scenario the handgun involved was just another stolen gun and it being an 80% (if indeed it is) is irreverent to how it came into his possession.
So... where did the "high power rifle" come from.:confused:

Is it wrong of me to hope this pos dies in prison? And soon.


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