'Five dead' at Texas skating rink party shooting

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    Another Muslim...

    24 July 2011 Last updated at 01:13 ET

    At least five people have been killed and three injured in a shooting at a roller-skating rink birthday party in Texas, police say.

    The shooting happened after an argument erupted at the party in the city of Grand Prairie, close to Dallas.

    The gunman is among the dead, having shot himself after opening fire on fellow guests, police say.

    Details about the incident are sketchy but police say the row was a "domestic disturbance between husband and wife".

    "It appears to be a domestic situation, at this point," Reuters news agency quoted police spokesman Steve Dye as saying. "That is our initial finding. And it appears the suspect did die from a self-inflicted gun wound."

    Police said they first received a call about the shootings at Forum Roller World shortly after 1900 local time (0200 GMT) and responded immediately.

    The shootings unfolded at a private family event at the skating rink, local media reported.

    Witnesses described seeing people fleeing the rink in panic after the gunman opened fire.

    The injured party guests were taken to hospital and there is no information yet about their condition.

    In 2009 a US Army major serving at the Fort Hood military base in Texas opened fire on fellow soldiers, killing 13 people and injuring many more.

    It is not clear what motivated the attacker but some reports said the gunman, a US-born Muslim, was unhappy about being sent to Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Police in Texas say this shooting appears to have escalated from a private family dispute.

    BBC News - 'Five dead' at Texas skating rink party shooting
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    "Another Muslim" is a little offensive. The Norway guy is "another white Christian" but I don't see that as a pre-text in every news story. To define hateful, murderous acts by race/religion is a dangerous game and unfair. Unless that means that we should all hate and fear Christians because of the Norway guy. Then at least there is a balance. I've known a lot of Muslim people and they are intelligent, gentle and kind. Just like most Christians I have met in my life. I don't prejudge or hate a group just because of an extreme nut job.
  3. KTM530XCW

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    Fair Enough. Muslim Terrorists Score: 8948, White Christian Terrorist Score: 6
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    That part of the article shows dangerous intellectual dishonesty. You read that into the article as having relevance to this shooting when in fact it was the Fort Hood shooting. The author should be fired as that was likely his intention. And I must point out that you fell for it.

    This wasn't an Islamic motivated crime, it was a domestic family disturbance that happened to be among a Muslim family. This kind of labeling does no one any good. Thread closed.
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