Fishing Mt. Hood Lakes

Discussion in 'Northwest Fishing' started by Joe Link, May 14, 2013.

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    I'm looking to get up to the mountain this weekend for some camping, fishing, and possibly wheeling on Barlow Trail. I haven't been up there yet this year, but I've heard the snow has melted in some of areas allowing access. Anyone been up there lately and/or have any suggestions?
  2. salmonriverjohn

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    If you like hike in Joe, take a look at the Bull of the woods wilderness. It's accessible from many different ways. Elk lake to the south, Upper Callowash to the north. There's some excellent fishing to be had, the scenery can't be beat and not a whole bunch of attention. Alas, not much wheeling, but there's always that chunk of gods country that's otherwise known as the upper Clackamas towards Timothy lake. As far as the Barlow, we used to head into Devils half acre then across to the white river management area. Check with the ranger district there to see whats passable first. Then again, just above brightwood is the jump off from the upper sandy river (and campground) that heads north to Hood river. Wherever you go, stay safe and enjoy the heck out of yourselves.

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