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WTS OR First Aid Kit-$150

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Item Classifieds' started by GFO270, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. GFO270

    GFO270 Newberg Active Member

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    I wanted to build a semi extensive first aid kit for my classroom in case of an emergency. Something more than just band-aids. Because I purchased most items in bulk, I decided to make 2 and sell one. I have the items listed below in "modules" because that is how I intended to store them, but the Blackhawk! Medical Roll doesn't allow for this to happen. Nonetheless, everything you see below is in the first aid kit. And before you roll your eyes at the price, just know that I paid more than $150 the items below so I'm not making any money on the sale. Mostly I'm just trying to break even.

    1.Blood Stopper/Trauma Kit
    · Swat-T
    · Israeli bandage
    · Quickclot
    · ABD Pad x2
    · Nitrile Glove 2 pair
    · 2” roller Gauze x2
    · Anti Microbial wipes
    · Duct Tape

    2. Dressing Module:
    · 3x3 gauze pad x5
    · Non Adherent Pad x4
    · 5x9 ABD Pad x2
    · 2” roller Gauze x2
    · Mole Skin 1pk

    3. Prep Module:
    · Hand Sanitizer
    · Baby Wipes
    · Anti Microbial wipes
    · Nitrile Gloves 6pr

    4. Tape Module:
    · Self Aderhent Tape
    · Duct Tape
    · Athletic Tape

    5. Tool Module:
    · Fingernail clippers
    · LED Light
    · Tweezers
    · Razor Blade
    · Splinter Out
    · Forceps
    · Shears
    · BIC Lighter
    · Sewing Needles

    6. Band-aid Module:
    · Butterfly Bandage
    · Anti Microbial wipes
    · Triple Antibiotic
    · Super Glue
    · Assorted Band-aids

    First Aid Kit I.jpg

    First Aid Kit II.jpg
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  2. GFO270

    GFO270 Newberg Active Member

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    I can't figure out how to change the title, but price drop to $150.
  3. Oregon Quartermaster

    Oregon Quartermaster SE Portland Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter 2016 Volunteer

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    They disabled title changes.

    As a former AF medic, and now pre-med student, this is an awesome kit to start someone off that wants to be able to treat injuries when out with family or friends. I keep a very similar kit made by AMP-3 Medical (with $1500 in supplies now), in my vehicle, and that kit has saved lives, very nearly mine included.

    For anyone worrying about what to do in an emergency, now is the time to get a kit, get trained, practice, practice, practice. This is the one time that fear and doubt is a good motivator to get supplied, and gain confidence in a new skill. (Not whether or not an ammo you rarely use is going to dry up or not)

  4. GFO270

    GFO270 Newberg Active Member

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    I also own an AMP-3 Outfitter. Beth and David from Amp-3 are close friends of mine and they were my inspiration for making this kit.