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I picked up a box of the Federal Bulk 550 from Walmart and thought I would do a short review of it. No Chrony info.

Temp: 81F
Altitude: 4100ft
Conditions: sunny
Wind: none
Distance: 30-50ft
Pistol Used: Browning Buckmark Contour URX 7.25"
Pistol Used: Ruger MKIII 5" Stainless
Shooting positions: Offhand, standing, kneeling
FTE: 6 (Stovepipes)
FTF: 1 (put it back in and it went bang)
Other ammo used: CCI Mini-Mags, CCI Stingers
Total Rounds: 850

The 550 is bulk packaged and the cases were shiny and clean. The bullets were copper washed hollow-points and also clean and consistent in color.

Both guns fed and fired the federal bulk pack flawlessly. Accuracy with the pistols was pretty good, we didn't notice much difference between the CCI and the federal. But that was probably our fault and not the ammo.

The Ruger was flawless with all functioning regardless of what ammo was shot. (Slow fire and mag dumps) The Buckmark was fine during slow fires, but mag dumps would result in a stovepipe or two per mag. We also had a buckmark mag that was faulty. (not the fault of the ammo)

The loads were consistent as the cases were all spread in the same area upon ejection.

Overall I think the ammo was very good for bulk packs. I prefer it to the RGB (Rem Golden Bullets), Peters, and American Eagle. The cost is fair, but the Federal 525 Bulk pack from (Red&Blue box) BiMart is still a better deal.

I would purchase more.
Federal rimfire ammo has been my first choice for over 15 years now. I have experienced very few problems with it and most of them were gun related. I can only recall one or two duds out of thousands of rounds. Bi-Mart usually has the federal champion target stuff which is a little more expensive but still works great. Thanks for the review Grizzly_A.

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