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I plan to use an EXPS3-4 on a 308 battle rifle, but the reticle is designed around m855 from a 14.5" barrel out to 600 yds. I've used BDC reticles out to 800+ yds effectively against steel silhouettes so I feel like this optic plus a magnifier would give the speed of an eotech while retaining some of the medium range capability of a BDC scope. I've ran MILRAD precision rifle scopes but the DOPE involved etc is just too complicated for my intended use.

It looks like it's actually fairly close when I plug in the relevant data into a ballistics calculator, with my new 600 yd point being about 650yds on the 308.

Yes, the height overbore is different intentionally.

Does anyone know exactly what the MOA marks are for the eotech reticle? Their website does not list them, just holdover estimations for various projectiles.

I read a pdf of the owner's manual and it doesn't show the actual MOA of the marks.

308.png m855.png eotech reticles.png
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