Duane Stark Also a supporter of DEFEATING SB941

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    Duane Stark
    State Representative

    It appears that Senate Bill 941, the measure to expand background checks through the Oregon State Police for firearms purchases, will be up for a vote on the House Floor next week and sadly, I’m afraid it will probably be approved. Rest assured I will be a strong NO vote.

    From all the testimony I’ve seen I have yet to hear any research showing that this kind of law will reduce gun related crimes. In my estimation, SB 941 might potentially create more victims by making it more difficult for Oregonians to acquire weapons to defend themselves against violent criminals.

    I really appreciate all the people who are standing up for our second amendment rights and speaking out against SB 941. My office has received dozens of phone calls and thousands of emails in recent weeks from citizens all over the state opposed to SB 941.

    Thank you,

    Duane Stark
    State Representative
    House District 4
    900 Court Street NE
    Salem, OR 97301
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    Representative Stark,

    First off, thank you for your support. This whole scenario is built on lies pure and simple. The part that really bothers me is the damage it does to Veterans and others while doing nothing for the safety of the citizens of Oregon. What no one seems to be looking at is the fact that Senators Prozanski and Burdick circumvented the process with this bill and no one in the governing bodies did anything about it. That being said, what is to prevent other politicos from doing the same on any other bill that tramples over people's rights. We have a governor that says she will have an open administration but the route SB 941 is taking to her desck certainly isn't open and in line with Oregon's process for lawmaking. She will sign this bill and a majority of Oregon's legislators will vote in favor of it and no one in that body will stand up for doing the right thing. Pretty sad day for Oregon and I see more coming.
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