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I believe that is what's know as talking out of both sides of one's mouth. Taking anything related to "gun safety" seriously coming from a leftist is akin to taking advice about women from Don Lemon.

There has never been a "study" that cannot be spun as to provide the outcome desired.
No cynicism, earned skepticism.
If you won't capitulate on your own, a way will be found via fee, fine, tax, legislate, peer pressure, or otherwise punish to achieve your submission.
You will be assimilated, you will be assimilated, you will be assimilated, you will be assimilated..
you're having trouble understanding the major premise Of the OP. That's OK. It's a lot to process. 😎
No your just a clown who tries to use big words to come across smart.

You had me on your ignore list at one point. You can put me there again. I believe in you.

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