Do-All Outdoors Impact Seal ground targets

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by ArgyleAdams, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. ArgyleAdams

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    So I'm thinking about getting a couple of these and was wondering if anyone has any opinions on them.

    The solid ball especially looks like it bounces around quite nicely, but I'd be worried about a glancing shot to the top of it lobbing one over the berm. In your experience is this a reasonable concern, or do these absorb the energy too well for that to happen?

    Thanks for your input.
  2. Dan-Dee Sales Inc

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    The ball is nice but I would be careful what you shot at it. I have had customers that get bullets back at them when using a 22lr. Shotgun is also bad. Everything else should be fine. The round one will keep on going if you have a slope. fyi..
  3. PDXSparky

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    I have the first and second targets, the box and the ball with fins. Both of these work fine with 22LR. A .223 round makes the tiniest hole in them. 9mm makes the jump.
  4. krkruse

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    I have one Its the6x6 box and its fantastic. Ive probably shoot it 500 + times ( more if I were a better shot) and it holds up pretty well, You can tell ive hit it and it gets pretty dirty espically when its just rollin in the dust.

    There have been a couple times Ive had a .22 get stuck in some of the more thick parts of the box, but never had any rounds come back.

    Ive shot some tannerite under it and it just launched it sky high with no dammage to the box.

    If I did not have some good steel targets Id buy a few more of these.
    very much worth the $20 price tag
  5. lamrith

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    Using the ball I have had a 9mm round come back and hit a bystander. Did not break skin, but left a welt on leg and abrasion on pants. I think we were about 30ft away with pistol. Once the round came back we put it away. After getting home I think the directions say 20yrd minimum, size of the ball you would need to be a pretty good shot with pistol to hit at that distance...
  6. toaster

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    I have the ball with fins and it's a lot of fun to shoot with either a pistol or rifle. However, I was a little disappointed, after a day and maybe 50-100 hits with an SKS and a makarov it looked a little more ragged than I would like, given the cost. I think it'll have some chunks missing after a few more days of shooting.

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