D.C. gun laws may be at stake on Hill with District's budget

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    D.C. gun laws may be at stake on Hill with District's budget

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    By: Michael Neibauer 07/06/09 11:00 PM
    D.C. Government Reporter

    Gun control activists expect someone on the House Appropriations Committee to move an amendment today to D.C.’s budget that would wipe out the city’s gun laws.

    The District’s federal appropriation for fiscal 2010 falls under the financial services and general government subcommittee. It is slated for markup by the full committee this evening.

    As they did with the D.C. voting rights bill, gun rights advocates are likely to move an amendment to the D.C. budget measure that lays waste to the city’s firearm registration and possession laws. DC Vote, the taxpayer-funded advocacy group lobbying Capitol Hill for voting representation, issued a statement Monday urging supporters “to pack the hearing room ... and show our solidarity in opposition to these attacks on D.C. democracy.”

    Ilir Zherka, executive director of DC Vote, said the amendment was a “real possibility.” But a spokeswoman for the organization said it did not know who would introduce it.

    The National Rifle Association, which has strongly backed congressional efforts to ease D.C.’s gun laws, did not return calls for comment.

    D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty wrote to Financial Services Chairman Jose Serrano, D-N.Y., on Thursday asking him to reject any amendments “that attempt to weaken or replace the District’s laws governing the ownership and use of firearms.” The city has developed “reasonable laws and regulations governing gun ownership” since last June, Fenty said, when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the District’s handgun ban.

    Senate Republicans, with help from dozens of moderate Democrats, sank the D.C. voting rights legislation by attaching gun rights language and then passing the bill. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., declined to move the measure forward, conceding that Democrats did not have the numbers to fend off the pro-gun wording.

    Financial services and general government includes the budgets of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, the Small Business Administration and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, among other agencies.

    The D.C. budget bill, as marked up by the subcommittee, includes $768 million for District causes. There are millions of dollars slated for public and charter school education, for aiding the homeless, and for slowing the spread of HIV/AIDS.

    here_____________ D.C. gun laws may be at stake on Hill with District's budget | Washington Examiner


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    "slowing the spread of HIV/AIDS."

    I am not in favor of that..

    That is mother natures way of taking care of a problem.
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    I hope you two are joking. It's very easy to say you are not in favor of slowing the spread of HIV/AIDS when you live in a very wealthy and privileged country, with resources available so you personally can avoid being infected. Not everyone is so fortunate.
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    This article is over a year old......

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