I picked up hair cutting skills while on the trail as a Drill Sgt.... who wants one?!! :D

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I good, thanks!!!

Death is tragic no matter the cause or circumstances.

We have 44 deaths attributed to the Corona virus as of today.

Tens of thousands of Oregonians are unemployed because of our concern about this virus..

100's of small businesses are at risk of going out of business.

Yet, how many Oregonians have died of the flu this season?

How many have died of medical errors?

How many have died from drug overdoses?

How many have died from auto accidents?

I don't know the answer but I wonder, if we are over reacting?

What do you think?
FYI - COVID and seniors update.

Saw a doctor 7/22/20 and got a COVID risk update.

Anyone 70 and up is regarded as high risk.
Anyone over 70 with any type of reparatory issues/illness is high/high risk.

At this point the doctor was clear - don’t get COVID..

Further, autoimmune conditions, recent hospitalizations and.or chronic illness can add to the risk.

Minimize or avoid exposure to people to reduce risk of contracting COVID.

Since I got diagnosed with asthma on this visit and am over 70, I’m taking the doc seriously. ‘The doc was a humorous guy but not when it came to COVID.

To be clear, I’m not a doctor. I’m just passing on general medical information I recently received. Not everyone here is a spring chicken or some of you may have older family members. Maybe this update will be helpful in some way.

I have zero concerns about my medial privacy so feel free to use this information.
The WSJ published the article on July 31. A good read. It may be paid content so the three key hurdles are:
  • Will it work?
  • Will it be safe?
  • Can we get it to people?
After sending it to people I received an interesting reply and pasted it below. I'd never thought about storage for perhaps two billion inoculations.

The report correctly states immunogencity is key, but does not open the lock to a successful vaccine. Efficacy needs to be demonstrated as well, in addition to safety and avoidance of something called vaccine-enhanced disease. I was on a project with respect to the former ($500B+ project) that was cancelled due to a loss of confidence for efficacy during an interim analysis. Regarding the latter our dengue vaccine caused enhanced disease in patients who were primed with dengue before being vaccinated.

Storage is also an issue and these mRNA vaccines (unless I am wrong) all need -20C or lower for storage. That is not ideal for mass distribution efforts. Our vaccine is a subunit protein vaccine and can be stored at 2-8C. Also there is no mRNA vaccine yet licensed so their mountain to climb for approval is higher.Anyway. some thoughts to share.


This bubblegum is starting to sound like some creepy sci-fi movie?

Prequal to Logan's Run perhaps?

Interesting. Replace the words "high risk" with "insane", "feeble-minded", "Jewish", "provocateurs" , "lepers", "criminals", "Blacks" "heretics(no offense to @The Heretic , this is speaking of what the religious groups did in the past)" and you have basically the age old ideas that led to tyranny and human rights abuses on an institutional scale :(
Not sure if I mentioned it before, but I still have plenty of free logs that could be cut up and used for firewood. About half of these are near a paved road (within 10 yards), most of them have some overgrown brush. Not sure about condition of them though as I have not cut into those lately and they've been sitting there since 2014 - been cutting the ones I hauled over from the 2018 clear cut.

Most of them are conifer. I could cut on one or two to see how solid they are if you are serious about coming to get them.

The logs still in the 2018 clear cut are not accessible now - too muddy to get to them until spring.

You cut and haul. I can pull them out of the stack with my truck for you to cut, but from there on it is up to you. That is about all I can do to help - it is hard enough on my back and heart to cut/split/stack my own wood each day.

I've been cutting, splitting, stacking and burning the logs by my driveway that I hauled over here. Been saving about $200 per month in electricity bills by using firewood to heat.

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