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Here's a little sample from our national news over the past few days:

First, from Chicago -
"A South Side man has been charged after allegedly forcing his way into a Back of the Yards home and shooting a man early Wednesday.
Antonio Smith, 29, of the 5500 block of South Marshfield Avenue, was arrested Wednesday and charged with attempted first-degree murder, home invasion with injury, kidnapping by force or threat of force, and battery, police said. He was also wanted on a warrant."
<broken link removed>

And now, from Knoxville -
"Knoxville police on Thursday night charged an Andersonville man with aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary and possession of a firearm during a felony in connection with a home invasion robbery and shooting Monday night that left his alleged accomplice dead.
Watson and Roberts reportedly knocked on the Franklin's door and then kicked in the door. The two intruders struggled with Jonathan Franklin, 23, and during the struggle, one of the men, Watson or Roberts, shot Jonathan Franklin with a handgun, wounding him. Jamie Franklin, 21, got a handgun and began firing at the men, killing Watson.
Roberts may have been grazed by a bullet during the shooting inside the home of Jonathan and Jamie Franklin.
Watson died at the scene but Roberts reportedly fled on foot.
He is currently on parole, stemming from a 2006 conviction. State records indicate his sentence was to end in 2015."
<broken link removed>
I called the author, Ms. Majors, and she told me that Roberts' conviction was "either for robbery or burglary," but she wasn't sure which.

Good for Ms. Franklin to act in a crisis to save her life and that of her husband. And at age 21, no less. No collateral damage, and she came darned close to punching the ticket of both bad guys.

And how about those famed Chicago gun-control laws? They sure helped Mr. Smith live to see another day. We'll pay for some more professional training for him in Greybar Hotel, then send him out among the sheep again in time. Too bad about his victim, but at least he won't get sued, or risk making the bad guy mad by shooting at him, or get arrested himself for trying to save his own life with a banned weapon!
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