Cobb 50 BMG Bolt Action

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    OK, this is long winded but...

    I have a Cobb, 50 Caliber, Bolt Action, 10 Round Magazine, that is in need of a gunsmith. Long story short - the brass gets stuck in the chamber after firing a round. I purchased a couple of "Go", "No Go" head space gauges and the "No Go" allows the bolt to close and - the bolt should not close. I'm looking at some major shipping costs to send it to Bushmaster and if they can't repair it, it will need a new barrel. Here's the bad part. They have to send it back to me and then I have to ship it off to Walther-Lothar to have a barrel made. Major shipping costs on my part. So, if any of you can recommend a gunsmith that works on the Cobb, Bolt Action rifles, I would greatly appreciate it. If you live close enough, you can even come shoot it. After it is repaired of course! Thanks for your time. Oh yeah, I live close to Hillsboro, OR. But, I do not care how far I have to drive to a gunsmith. Definitely cheaper than shipping! :thumbup:

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