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    On Saturday 2/6/2016, Derek LeBlanc will be teaching a Oregon CHL and Utah CFP combo class from 10-4. Class will be held at Baker’s Shoes, 2642 Roosevelt Blvd in Eugene. Oregon CHL will begin at 10 AM and Utah CFP will begin at 1:00PM. Topics I will cover are Oregon/Utah laws, gun safety and handling plus practical concealment options. I will help prepare you to carry in both states. I focus heavily now on active shooter scenarios and GUN FREE ZONES. Gun free zones will not save your life. Cost is $50 for Oregon and $60 for Utah, with a discount for the combo. Utah will begin around 1:00. I will provide all fingerprints and passport photos for the Utah class for your convenience. Please contact Baker’s for reservations at (541) 689-5379.

    You can also find Derek on Facebook if you are so inclined. He teaches kids' safety classes too.

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