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Out of the Box class;
This is a class for the new gun owner. Those wanting to know firearm safety, how to shoot, along with what all those buttons, switches and gizmos are for.
This course teaches the basics of gun safety, marksmanship skills, and how to run your firearm in a safe and efficient manner in an easy to understand format. We also will cover firearms nomenclature, operation, ammunition, as well as take down for care and maintenance.

Required Ammunition -100 Rounds 8-10hrs

March 10th - Out of the Box - Pistol 95.00

March 11th - Out of the Box - Rifle 95.00

Run the Gun class;

Fundamentals of basics wins gun fights. This class is made to instill the fundamentals of efficiency into your firearm. We work on your platform, manipulations and drills that are proven to be useful well past the range. You will understand how the brain works in taking in the information and properly absorb it so that proper, productive execution of the training is maintained. You will not find industry standard content, that so often does not relate to the street. You will find even paced training that builds upon the fundamental basics of gunfighting, in a safe productive environment that yields results that you can build upon for your future training.

Required Ammunition - 750 Rounds

March 31 & April 1 - Run the Gun - Rifle 250.00

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