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January 19-20 AR Platform Armorer / Operator 350.00

This 2 day class...The student, with a mixture of classroom instruction and hands-on exercises will gain proficiency in the following areas: disassembly, reassembly, identification of mechanical deficiencies and corrective actions.

Topics Covered:
+ Basic operation and function
+ Design
+ Interaction of parts including safeties and fire control group
+ Proper safety checks
+ Assembly & Disassembly
+ Inspection of parts for excessive wear
+ Head Space
+ Maintenance and lubrication
+ Reassembly
+ Modification / Customization
+ Compatibility
+ Troubleshooting
+ Theory

If you have parts you're wanting to change/install, you'll be instructed on how to install them.

Day 2 will be on the range checking proper operation, manipulation and an abbreviated Run the Gun class.


January 26-27 1911 Armorer / Operator 350.00

This class is designed to get the most out of the 1911 platform. From proper take down, maintenance, trouble shooting, tuning and reliability modifications, to live fire operation.

History - Safety Check - Field Strip - Cleaning - Maintenance - Inspection - Function - Simple Reliability Modifications - Tools - Operation & Running the Platform

Review from last class;

Erich K

My buddy and I just got back from the 1911 Armorer/Operatior class at Cerberus, and figured I'd share my experience. This was a 2 day class, though based on the things taught, could have easily been longer!

The first day was the Armorer portion. We spent a solid 8 hours with a 1911 and inspecting, smoothing, filing, and lubing everything. Steve (the instructor) is incredibly knowledgeable on the platform, and the result was a massive improvement in my understanding of how a 1911 works!

Additionally, I ended up getting a fantastic amount of instruction and assistance on how to adjust just about everything in the gun. Included in this is a pretty fantastic trigger job, extractor tuning, and barrel timing. I brought an old Rock Island 1911 and a 80% build that I'd completed and both firearms ended up being 2x as great when I left! If you have any interest in a better running 1911 (and the understanding of how to do it), this is definitely a class for you!

Day 2 was a 'run the gun' component on the range. The class was customized to my friend and I, so it ended up being a 'combat' focused shooting day. We concentrated on drawing from a holster, fast reloading, and accurate, fast shooting. While it sounds pretty basic, the constant feedback from Steve as well as the practice drills improved my comfort and performance throughout the techniques.

I've been shooting quite regularly for 15 years and ended up being a significantly better shooter than I started out as. I left with many drills that I can run on my own, which I also believe will be of great benefit to me!

In the end, I am a much better shooter than I was before. I understand my platform much better, and left with the ability to tune and diagnose it way better than before. I look forward to getting back out to learn even more from Steve!
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