Calling all NWFA members to Action

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    Call to Action:

    Now is the time to demonstrate solidarity with your fellow NWFA members by participating in Direct Actions to help stop Abuse of Firearms and other Unlawful activities on our Public Lands.

    Join us for a day of Site Reclamation, Target Shooters Information, and companionship with like minded folks.

    There’s a chance to win valuable prizes donated by some of our supporting merchants, and everyone will receive valuable information about where to enjoy Recreational Target Shooing on Mt. Hood National Forest land.

    Partnered with the USFS, Clackamas County Sheriffs, Dumpstoppers and a number of fine merchants, your NWFA administrators, staff, and volunteers have launched a successful attack on Lawless Destruction in Public Lands.

    It got off the ground a few months ago, and is gaining momentum and exposure.

    A combined event this Saturday will showcase our cooperative efforts.

    We can expect increasing publicity and support from our Communities when word of this reaches the media through releases by the USFS Public Information office, and other sources.

    Will you please join with other NWFA volunteers for a day of Real Action, have fun, and help make our Sport better and safer?

    Click on the links below to see what your fellow members have been up to lately, and we hope you can come on out and pitch in together with us.":D
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    You are right, Ed. "Now's the time"!

    We have invested a lot of time in planning and site visits with officials at Mt Hood Nat. Forest. They have put a lot of effort into this Information program and have been very receptive to our recommendations and suggestions. It has opened the doors to greater things to come. They really want to see this happen in a successful and positive way for all of us.

    It's a good program that is well worth while. Thanks for sharing.

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