Build your own reloading setup! Lee turret press and a bunch of stuff-sold

Discussion in 'Reloading Classifieds' started by ktd, Nov 7, 2012.

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    Build your own reloading kit

    Through all sorts of buying and trading I have enough excess to equip another reloader.

    The basic setup:
    Prices from MidwayUSA
    New Lee Turret Press with one turret $110
    New Lee Turret Press Safety Prime Large $11
    New Lee Turret Press Safety Prime Small$11
    New Lee Powder Measure $35
    New Lee Powder riser (needed to clear Safety Primer) $7.50
    slightly used funnel $5
    Lee Reloading Manual 1st Edition (good to read this, you'll learn a lot) $14
    Can of case lube $5

    You'll get the above for $150, and additional turrets (up to 3) for $10 (retail $12)

    The turret press is a good setup, you basically mount one caliber set in a turret, and the turrets pop in and out easily. You can operate it as a single stage press, running all your shells through one station, rotate to the next station and running them through the next step, etc. You can also operate it as a semi progressive, leaving the shell in place and turning the turret and running the shell until you have all steps completed. Both styles of operation have their advantages.

    Then choose some dies I have available
    New Lee 9mm 4 die set carbide (sizer+expander+seater+factory crimp) $40
    New Lee 300 Win Mag 4 die set (Full Size+neck size+seater_factory crimper)$40
    Nee Lee 223 Rem 3 die set (Full size+neck size+seater) $30
    Used RCBS 30-06 two die set with additional Lee Neck Sizing die $25

    new old stock RCBS 30-30 2 die set $20
    new old stock RCBS 243 2 die set $20

    whatever you pick up, I'll make sure you get a shellholder if you need it

    If you need some brass
    50 pcs 30-30
    40 pcs 243
    50 pcs 3006
    50 pcs 270
    50 pcs 223
    any of the above for $10 each
    9mm I'll just give you a bunch for free.

    Other things you should get
    trimmer (for rifles)
    universal decapping die
    case tumbler (or other cleaning method)
    loading tray
    brass, powder, primers, bullets
    some nuts and bolts to bolt the press to your workbench

    If you need it, you can ask me almost as many stupid questions as you want, and for a sandwich I'll help you set it up. Things are a lot better than it used to be, but getting started can still be a bit intimidating. The Lee turret presses are a good value, even when you outgrow them, they are still useful for your low volume calibers or for rifle calibers where you interupt the stages all the time to prep the cases. I have gone through a couple of different progressives but still use my old Lee turret for a bunch of things. My Dillon is great, but it takes a lot of work to change calibers, and the Lee turret press can be reset in a minute, usually without any tools. I'd like to sell this in Portland Metro, and will deliver locally if you like.


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    I am interested, I may want part, or all. I would like to talk with u about it, and this weekend would work great for me.
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