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Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by boogerhook, Sep 11, 2015.

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    I like the idea. Kind of. That or maybe even some sort of CHL verification portal. If you've received a permit or been entered into the system, participants would be able to enter their respective permit #'s verifying the validity of their permits, and get a picture/name of the individual.

    I'm all for keeping handguns away from felons of violent crimes or adjudicated mentally ill people. Taking it out on everyone else by making them go through the hassle and expense as they are is in my opinion wrong and unconstitutional. They seem to be setting us up for a registration system of who has what firearms with the intent of eventual confiscation.

    All I hear are extreme arguments in favor or one side or the other on these issues. Does anybody have any other possible solutions? A middle of the road that don't pave the way for the removal of our rights?
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    I just moved from MA, and have sold a number of guns using this portal. It works well, because you are registering a sale between two people who already have permits. You must have a Firearms Identifcation Card (rifles/shotguns) or a License to Carry (Pistols) in order to buy firearms or ammunition in MA.

    Basically, you as the seller log into the site, enter your permit info, enter the buyer's permit info, and the details of the weapon being sold. The sites then approves and updates the registration of the firearm, and spits out a PDF as a receipt.

    You also use the site to register newly-built ARs, or if you bring a rifle into state from NH (legal in theory, never seen it).

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    The only difference I see between this and Oregon law is that Oregon makes you pay for the transfer. Either way you have to get the governments okay and the firearm is registered with the purchaser so they can later come and get it from him.
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