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Big swap meet to trade parts and accessories

Like most of you, I have several boxes of parts and holsters, etc. Individually they are too inexpensive to attempt to sell. And not worthy of renting a table at a gun show due to the costs.

However, would a group of maybe 50 or so people be interested in a local swap meet. Non-guns of course. But parts, holsters, mags, etc.?

We could just do swaps for stuff on individual basis, or create a ticket system. I'm thinking maybe a covered park meeting location. Bring your boxes and lay out your stuff, and commit to trading for reasonable offers, or accepting say 1 ticket per $5 value you place on the item. Trade tickets for items.

I envision someone, perhaps myself, taking lead and reserving a covered picknick area at a local park for instance. Capable of holding maybe 50+ people with many picnic tables.

Folks turn up with their stuff and lay out in somewhat organized maybe in $5 to $50 boxes or piles. Folks need to be somewhat reasonable on getting rid of stuff. This would NOT be to sell stuff at retail prices or expect retail prices for unwanted boxes of stuff.

Others make trade or cash offers.

Thoughts? Improvements on the idea?
That could be a good time, if enough people showed.
Then again maybe not, given the turn-out of the last rally. :confused:


Id certainly be down for that.

I too have tons of stuff I want to sell/trade. Id be down to do a meet up with a bunch of folks.

As for the ticket idea, I wouldnt do it for goods. However it would be cool to do a raffle. Either a cash prize or accessory type prize that the ticket sales to said swap meet.

The funds could pay for the lot rental as well as contribute to NWFA.
Id have a few items Id be willing to donate as prizes. Nothing too crazy, but still a cool 2nd, 3rd or 4th place raffle type prize. If NWFA decided to take part, a NWFA marked lower or even just a shirt could be the main prize. Ball parking ideas, but I think this is a cool way to spur another more productive and lucrative meetup amongst members.



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