Big K Guest Ranch, Elkton Oregon

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by redbobfire, Nov 7, 2011.

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    Three weeks ago I took a trip to the Big K to hunt Pheasant. In preparation for the trip I bought the new Benelli super Venti and took it out over our receiver hitch thrower. I was amazed at how well it shot and the speed of the cycling was excellent.
    The trip to Elkton was with my wife so we booked one of their cabins for comfort. I will be going back! Barbara loved the amenities, food service and layout of the facilities. These people treated us like we were Kings and Queens!
    Well the next day we were joined by a friend from Eugene and his dog. (We could have used one of their dogs). I had expected the shooting to be fairly tame since these are pen raised birds. Wrong! This was as much fun as I have had anywhere, hunting anything! The staff even cleaned our birds for us when we stopped for lunch.
  2. Silverback

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    Sounds like fun. I might have to check them out !!
  3. SPU

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    I stayed there in a cabin with my two young kids about 10 years ago. Wonderful experience fishing at their stocked pond. Pricey but fun. I was there two years ago for the Funky Chicken AMA moto race. A class outfit.

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