I am going through boxes of stuff I have all over and thinning my herd of duplicates and things I’m just not interested in. I have all of the pictures bayonets I’d like to sell but no clue how to value them of where to look for value. Thought you fine folks might be able to help out? Some I am not even sure what they are to guess value.

08D4FFD3-A4F4-4C81-A75C-5949729E9E76.jpeg 990CA9E9-BD7C-4881-977E-70FF8F4D815F.jpeg 17817126-FB1B-4EA4-8BD3-0983BBC4FFDB.jpeg 604DDE30-9D7B-4431-9A7E-BB78114F8FE1.jpeg 10E0155D-F70F-45E3-9019-249DEC71D160.jpeg F481973B-06ED-4354-BFDB-46B3EB5FD2B6.jpeg
Looks like to my eye at least , from top to bottom...

Russian AK47
Edit to add...this first one could be a Bulgarian bayonet too

US M6 ( For the M14 / M1A1 rifles )

East German AK47

US M4 ( For the M1 / M2 Carbine )

US M5 ( Late issue for the M1 Rifle )

US M9 ( M16A2 Rifle )

Makers markings will influence value / worth as well as condition.

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