Back on Track: Gun Confiscation Begins. Now what?

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    I would have left this as a reply in the original thread, but it lost it's way.

    One thing to remember: You can always arm yourself. You simply have to get arms from those who still have them....

    I don't think gun confiscation is a near-future likelihood, but if they knock on your door, here's where I stand:

    By the time THEY are at YOUR door, it's too late. Many here don't want to admit this, but that's just the way it is. THEY know it's YOU, THEY know where YOU are, and it will end badly for YOU.

    YOUR fight is over when THEY knock on YOUR door. That is a strength on strength, frontal attack (conventional warfare) and those are the fights our government will win. When THEY knock on YOUR door, it's too late.

    When THEY are at YOUR door, then YOU are on defense. However, if THEY are at your NEIGHBORS door a few streets over.... THEY who are doing the knocking can be moved away from their OFFENSIVE position and encouraged towards the defense. You know how neighbors can be....

    When THEY knock on YOUR door, obey politely… and DO be a good NEIGHBOR!

    With enough good neighbors, hopefully it will never be YOUR door that gets knocked on.
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