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    That is an excellent article, I have a couple H ea. of the following beans put away, lentil, split pea in small two person pouches, and the pinto in larger 1 lb. pouches because they take a lot longer to cook, thus consuming more fuel, so I generally make enough for a few meals.

    Lentil and split pea are great with things like rice, and such or can be added to a home made soup.

    Pinto beans are great with southern foods, baked potato's, cornbread and such. I added chopped onion to mine when eating them and some times some ketchup. You can also add cooked bacon or cooked ground beef to pinto beans about 10 minute or so before removing from the stove to add flavor. Some people even add a little molasses or brown sugar, this is all trial and error on how much or if ones taste buds agree.

    if your family are not big bean eaters, I would suggest trying them in small portions a few times and see everyone reactions are. Personally grew up on them and love them cooked and way there.

    By the way pork n beans are about $0.50 a can at walmart and can be eaten cold, I keep some around you never know they high in carbs, protein and good energy food.
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    When I was driving around Australia canned beans were a staple for noon time snacks
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    The musical fruit.
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