are these cases garbage?????

well everytime we go out shooting my roomate and i run around before heading home and pick up all the brass laying around.
we got about 500 rounds that are completly dirty, i have ran some of them through the tumbler for a couple hours and they came out looking about the same as they did going in.
so i am just wondering if they are just garbage or if there is more steps to taking care of brass that is as dirty as this stuff.
cant figure out how to get pics uploaded on here so i uploaded some to imageshack
Imageshack - dscf2155a.jpg
Imageshack - dscf2154sl.jpg
i think it may be corrosion if it's been laying out in the open environment and got rained on...

try getting a copper cleaner/polish (they sell them for cleaning cutlery and vases/candlesticks etc) and manually hand shine one of them, if it comes off then it's just surface rust if it won't come off then it's deeper than that and I wouldn't trust my life with it...

my 2 cents but I'm no expert... somebody else will chime in
Hard to tell if they are garbage untill I see some photos of the cleaning job. I have never had any brass that dirty before. What are you using for cleaning media? I would recommend walnut media for stuff that dirty. There are even some people using stainless steel media in a liquid solution. That may clean up dirty brass like this. Maybe someone else can chime in that has delt with dirty brass like this. I posted your photo to help out.

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I would make sure their not primed the wrong way (Berdan) before spending too much time. Usually a reason for leaving that much behind is cheap mil. surp.
Hint: Brass doesn't rust. Looks like it is most likely cases from "golden bear" 7.62x39 (brass plated steel). If so, scrap it.

Also sometimes there is a reason that brass is left out in the shooting spots, I always try to judge the condition of the brass in the area before wasting time collecting it.


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