Are there any non-NG using WA NG armories/training sites with small arms ranges?

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    Are there any such beasts left out there, in the wild?

    What precludes Gov Inslee from re-opening his NG facilities and to provide their instructors, to facilitate and provide the kind of training opportunities that was intended for the unorganized miltia of WA (everyone else left in WA who is 18 or older, and not in the NG or state guard?

    Politics. (Which is why I am asking this, here...)

    The legal authority is already there. I can't recall ever seeing an instance where his Adjutant General has actually used his discretion to open facilities up for this:

    "... 38.20.010

    Regulations governing armories.

    Except as provided in this section, state-owned armories shall be used strictly for military purposes.


    (5) Civilian rifle clubs affiliated with the National Rifle Association of America are permitted to use small arms ranges in the armories at least one night each week under regulations prescribed by the adjutant general.

    ..." --
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    I dunno, but it seems to me that civilian marksmanship training, whether NRA affiliate or CPL, WOULD be a legitimate "Public Interest" use. Hmmm... maybe I should fire off a note to the one of my two reps I actually RESPECT about it.

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