All Around good shotgun to use.

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by DuneHopper, Dec 6, 2012.

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    I was looking for a topic in here and thought I would start one. Obviously there is a gun or rifle for every occasion. Recently I was talking with my father in law and like me he has a variety of pistols, rifles etc. However one particular item is absent , that being a shotgun, he is 62 a vet and never has shot a shotgun, when I asked him why he said they serve no real purpose. We had a very long conversation and I shared my support of what I think one is for.

    I told him shotguns are not just for hunting and are one of the most versatile guns one can own.
    My favorite is my black assault style ( done in my shop) , adjustable stock and a pistol on it too it is a Mossberg 500 20GA , yes 20. I have a 12GA but the 12 only serves as a heavy gun and in a dwelling that is way to much gun to use ( my opinion). I have a 28" barrel and a rail with a flashlight that can be removed and a holographic site and laser so I do not even have to aim just point in the general direction. I run factory heavy loads at 3" and does just fine.

    Our conversation went on that a 20 was to light, I argued that it was heavy enough to be fired with in 50 feet and do significant damage. If something is more then that then it is not in my house LOL.

    Just wondered what everyone thought about Shotgun as a multipurpose gun ?
    I love my 20 it light enough to shoot in any position and is super reliable. Number of jams in 5 years
    zero. I know it will fire when I use it.

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    Outside of hunting birds, which is virtually impossible in some cases without a shotgun, a shotgun is a very versatile tool. You can use it to hunt deer with slugs. As for home defense, it is the best tool IMHO. I have a loaded 20ga at home that I use for HD. The reason that I chose the 20ga was that 12ga can over penetrate and my girlfriend is much more comfortable using it than the 12ga. I keep it loaded with #2 buck and feel more than confident that it can deal with any situation. A 28" barrel seems a bit long for an HD gun though, I prefer as short as possible.
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    I'm not too picky about brands as long as a 12ga works. And I'm so used to a pump that semi-autos throw me off when the clays are flying. With that said, it's hard to beat the price of the Mossberg combo kit for the versatility of a 28" vent rib barrel and a 18.5" tube.

    A word of caution, though, if you're planning on changing the "furniture":
    Dozens of pistol grips will fit on it. But the newer, cheaper moulded forearm assembly on the 500A does not resemble the old one, which had a metal tube inside it allowing the wood or plastic outer part to be interchanged with cushy Pachmayr-type forearm gadgets. So be careful and know what you have before you buy accessories online. I had to swap out my moulded plastic one-piece forearm/slider for an older metal slider tube (inside the forearm) to fit some nice Hogue parts. VERY comfy with a soft rubbery feel, especially for slugs and heavy shot.

    All sizes of fowl, most game, and any kind of home invader. With so many different configurations and types of loads, you'd be hard pressed to find another single weapon that's so ideally effective for so many species with just a little pre-planning.


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