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    I picked up a Glock 26 a few weeks back to be my primary carry piece so I started searching out IWB holsters for it. I was seeing priced anywhere from $50 - $120 then stumbled upon Alien Gear. Right off the bat with a goofy name like that and IWB hybrid holster that retails for under $30; I was more than suspicious. Normally I would pass at something like this and go straight for a Galco but there were a couple of things that sucked me in.

    #1, Made in America.
    #2, No questions asked 30-day return policy.
    #3, Unlimited lifetime warranty. If something breaks 5 days from now or 35 years from now they will repair or replace it free of charge.
    #4, (this is what sealed the deal) If and when I decide to use a different pistol for carry; they will swap my old kydex shell for my new pistol's molded kydex as often I want for FREE.

    Therefore I ordered one and have now been wearing it everyday for a week. I absolutely love this thing. I'm not sure how they are making money but I know if I ever buy another hybrid holster in the future; Alien Gear has a customer for life.

    Here's a video review I did.


    Alien Gear Holster Review - YouTube
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    Looks like a neat deal. Not sure how much money they are going to make when they have to trade out all the time. And it looks a bit bulky for a skinny guy like me.

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