Al Franken Wants to Hear Your AR-15 Story!

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    During the latest congressional committee hearing regarding SH-216--Sen. Feinstein's latest attempt to ban “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines” (whatever that means), Al Franken shared his observation that he had never heard of an AR-15 being used for self defense. Want to write him and send some examples or just tell him what an idiot he is, here’s the link to the article:
    Al Franken Wants to Hear Your AR-15 Story!

    Or you can go right to his website to send an e-mail:
    Email Al on an Issue | Al Franken | Senator for Minnesota

    I just expressed that courtesy of “Uncle Sugar”, 45 years ago I learned how to use an M-16 fairly well for defense and think I have adapted to the semiautomatic AR-15’s functional capabilities very well. I think a lot of current Military will adapt very well from an M-4 to the semiautomatic version AR-15. Also mentioned the AR-15 must be a good defense weapon as Homeland Defense just ordered 7000 and labeled them as being PDW’s defined as “personal defense weapons”.
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    Just amazing isn't it, a AR in private hands is a deadly "assault weapon" but in the hands of a gov't agent it's a "personal defense weapon"!!
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    Hey, when I served in uncle sugar's great she-bang (the US Army) I got to love the AR platform. Could go from one unit to another, dial in my zero and good to go....loved those babies. If I could afford one now, I'd jump at the chance.

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