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A rhetorical question regarding background checks and voting

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by BAMCIS, Sep 13, 2013.


    BAMCIS Eugene Well-Known Member

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    The left wants background checks when exercising a constitutionally protected right (concerning firearms). To get a background check one has to produce valid identification. They like to call it a “common sense” gun law.

    Why then are they so adamantly opposed to producing valid identification when exercising another constitutionally protected right (to vote)? Wouldn't this be a “common sense” voting law?

    It's really hard to follow their logic.

  2. Netspirit

    Netspirit Bellevue, WA Active Member

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    So that illegal immigrants could vote for them, duh.
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  3. chrisk86

    chrisk86 Spokane Member

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    So with these background checks, and California now wanting to issue drivers licenses to illegal immigrants will this now allow illegal immigrants to purchase a gun if they have a clean background check along with their state issued I.D's???
  4. deann

    deann oregon Active Member

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    just more proof that the majority of those in charge have no good sense.
  5. Stomper

    Stomper Oceania Rising White Is The New Brown Silver Supporter

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    I know it's rhetorical as you stated, by its not hard to follow the "logic" at all.

    They attempt to define and set the terms for the "argument". They CLAIM to think "thoughtfully", yet they reject ANY counter-argument/logic and demonize ANYONE who disagrees with them i.e. "if you think it's OK to bring back surplus M1 Garands from Korea then you have a sickness in your soul, are a blood-thirsty racist-homophobe, who hates little Mexican babies, and wants to starve children with no shoes in Deluth MN". (tactics in "Rules for Radicals")

    They attempt to make it incrementally more difficult to exercise our 2A rights with "common sense" rules/"laws" to the point that new gun owners are disuaded from "even bothering" to navigate all the "common sense" rules, restrictions, and "laws" (thus in tandem with paragraph #1 above) you destroy that aspect of the American culture from propagating within future generations. (deny the younger generations their heritage, and they lose their identities)

    They constantly attempt to re-write history and teach it as gospel. As a nation, if you forget your past you'll fracture and splinter off... "United we stand, divided we fall." Then ultimately history will be repeated... ESPECIALLY the dark parts of history. Inftrate academia and program the young minds as early as possible. (if you control the past, you WILL control the future)

    They endevor to "stack the deck" and increase their voter base (via illegals) to accelerate their "agenda" of a "one world", open border, utopia (as they define it) with "social" justice, and "equal outcomes" for all... that THEY get dictate what (and how much) is "equal"... and for whom. (just like in, "Animal Farm")

    The ends ALWAYS justifies the means...

    I just want to kick collectivist-socialists square in the balls! :chairfight: