A&E releases show about how semi-automatic guns saved Koreatown

Discussion in 'Firearm-Related News' started by Joe Link, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Joe Link

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    A&E releases show about how weapons saved Koreatown
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  2. SKrueger

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    Wow that would be interesting to watch. I'll bet there will be some people who flip there lid.

    show title should be "How the evil black rifle saved Koreatown!" :D
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  3. Who The F R U

    Who The F R U
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    I was there in High school when it happened.
    It was pretty Crazy.
    They shot up the mayors house, police station and the local gun store in our town.
    All the Asian store owners and their families not just Koreans were NOT messing around.
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  4. cooper

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    No kidding... I just thought of the images like it was yesterday
    Cool gentleman with Uzi firing warning strings live on ABC.
    I felt absolute anger I felt as I watched Reginald get close to his maker.
    Funny how funny that that instant I saw right through the skinhead movement which had planted serious Roots here in Oregon where the hell were they why weren't they there knocking heads meow meow sorry I fell off my soapbox thank you there Joe I will be checking it out
  5. ThePhonMan

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    I got called by a co-worker to come get him out of the area when the riots broke out since he knew I was armed. He was "trapped" in a CEV (underground vault used to house telco equipment) and was told by the guard at the property to stay underground till it was all clear. We were 4-5 blocks east of Florence and Normandie.

    A few weeks later I was speaking with an LA Crash unit Lieutenant who said he pulled into a strip mall parking lot near china town to see a bunch of shop owners on the roof with AKs and other rifles. He yelled up "Are you guys OK?" They gave him the thumbs-up to which he replied "You're on your own" and drove away. He noted that none of those shops suffered any damage during the riots. Go figure.
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  6. Diamondback

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    Completely unexpected news from a subsidiary of Uber-Leftist Disney... here's hoping they don't pull a Bait-n-Switch with Bloombugger propaganda inserted.
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  7. Who The F R U

    Who The F R U
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    I don't know if you guy's know or remember but they banned the sale of all arm's and ammo in a 100 mile radius of LA on the second day of the riot's.

    Me and my buddy were sitting in Kriegel's gun store bs'n with the owner when a couple cholo looking dude's came in and asked for 9mm.

    Garry was standing in front of a 6 foot high shelf full of ammo and told the guy he was all out.
    The guy got pissed and left.

    That was the night they shoot up the gun store ,mayor's house, and the local pd.

    Garry paid 4 of us $100 a night after that to camp on his roof with AR's for the next 10 night's.
    He gave us the gun's + ammo and he even feed us.
    It was a pretty surreal thing to go through when you are a 16 year old retard.
    ( And yes school was canceled the whole time we camped on the roof)

    I'm actually glad the f-R's never came back I was pretty scared of having to shoot it out with some ahole's.

    ( Had to edit I was 16 not 14 )
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  8. Tony617

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    Was that before California banned 30 round magazines? Not sure I was living in Northern California at the time during the 1992 LA riots.
  9. Who The F R U

    Who The F R U
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    Yep, Spiker underfolder's (type 56's )were $199 with 2 30 round mag's a bayonet,sling +green oil thing.

    100 round drum's were $45
    74 round drum's were $35
    1000 round's of Steel core Norinco was $50

    Valmet's ( ANY Caliber ) were $295 WAY OVER PRICED with that stupid triangle stock......:eek:
    They changed the import law less than 30 days before my 18th birthday.
    At the next show in May of 94 Ak's were $699 at the same table.

    Went to the show to get an Chinese AK + Ammo with $300 ,Went home empty handed.:(
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  10. Lance Jacobs

    Lance Jacobs
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    A lot of the footage show Koreans firing Glocks and other semiauto pistols. Keep in mind that back in 1992 AR rifles were no where close to being as popular and commonplace, as they are today, a quarter of a century later.

    The program aired on Tuesday night. But anyone with a cable TV account can watch the 2 hour show on the A&E website at this address:

    Watch L.A. Burning: The Riots 25 Years Later | A&E

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