A Day For Reflection

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Three Bars, May 25, 2014.

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    As I go about my day to day chores, and get wound up in the business of getting along comfortably in this world, I don't usually think about all of the things I am grateful for.

    Today, to myself anyway, is a reminder of all the men and women who have made huge sacrifices, those who have given their lives to preserve our way of life, and the freedoms we enjoy.

    I think of the friends I have lost, and I sometimes wonder about who they would be, and what would they have done if they were able to come back alive and lead normal lives like the rest of us.

    Just because we have one day a year to celebrate their lives for what they gifted to us, I hope they realize we carry their memory in our hearts every other day of the year.

    We must never let ourselves forget them.
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    God Bless Our Vets and their families!

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