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It's not how fast the projectiles end up going - take the GAU8, the 30mm Gatling gun that has an airplane wrapped around it, our old favourite, the A10 Warthog.

It's how many projectiles there ARE in the air at the same time - the GAU8 puts around 170 rounds into a burst.

However, it all pales into near insignificance by comparison with the 6000 rpm 20mm Vulcan, or the 30mm CIWS shipboard anti-missile gun. The Russian Kashtan system fires 4500 rpm from TWO barrels simultaneously - as does the over and under Duet system - 9000 rpm of 30mm hoonity.
Nice. Talk about a fun way to take care of prairie dogs. Awesome info. Thx
Nice. Talk about a fun way to take care of prairie dogs. Awesome info. Thx
The US military has found that women are very good at running airborne miniguns.
An additional benefit is that it is extremely insulting to some of our enemies to have been smoked by a woman.


Met a guy who "seemed" to mostly just ramble on about shooting and reloading various rifles. Most of what he said made enough sense that I just nodded. It was his land and I was invited to go shoot with a buddy. We were testing a few builds. Anyway I hear him start talking about some rifle - sorry I don't know which one - that he loads for and is getting into t he 4K+ FPS. Really? This would have to be something that has been out there for a while and not have a lot of $$$ to get one. I don't load much rifle but it seems most of all my stuff is right around the 3k fPS range. I was thinking that at 4k barrels would last about a day and bullets would be melting. Or I'm just more ignorant than I thought?
I have seen a BMG 50 necked down to .224 - 5K FPS+
30-378 Weatherby up to 5K FPS
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