$30 for CHL change of address?

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by coosbaycreep, Apr 8, 2010.

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    I just moved from douglas county to curry county, and went to the sheriff's office to change my address, and they told me it's $30, plus I have to get fingerprinted and all that other crap again.

    I can understand a new pic, since each county issues their own cards, but why do I have to get fingerprinted again? Shouldn't my prints be in some kind of national database or something now from the first time I got my CHL, or better yet, from all the guns I've bought in the past, or from being in the military? Or am I just paranoid from watching too many episodes of CSI, and automatically assume that the government and law enforcement already knows everything about me?

    I have a brochure that I got from the douglas county sheriff when I got my license last year that says the fee to change your address is only $15, not $30. Was there a fee increase, or are they allowed to just charge whatever they want? Thirty bucks seems kinda expensive to me.
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    Sounds like it's not just an address change, but rather a new issue of a permit by a different county. Maybe a change of address within the same county is only $15 ....
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    Keep in mind Oregon is broke. Something like 6 Billion in pension obligations alone. They are raising fees and creating new ones anywhere they can. I purchased a trip permit for my 24ft. box truck. It use to cost around $20 and you had 15 days to use it. Now it's over $40 and the time is 7 days including day of purchase. From parking tickets and late fees to permits. They are trying to milk the public any way they can. They are charging, in Portland, 300% late fees on parking tickets alone and sending out threats from the Dept. of Treasury that they will take it out of your bank account or steal your property. Along with compound daily fees until paid. Had a friend who had gone through that after paying off the ticket but not the late fee because he was a day late on sending it in.
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    Exactly correct... a COA within the same county is the $15 fee, when you move to another I believe its a new ball game.

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