30 cal ammo cans $8 each.

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    30 cal ammo cans for sale. Very nice , used condition. Seals and interiors in great shape. No rust.
    Cans are $8 each.
    I have 20 of these cans available this week.

    Here is a cut and paste for sizing information......
    M19A1. The post war .30 caliber Ammunition box is known as the M19A1. It measures 3-13/16 x 7-1/4” x 11”. Adopted in 1946 the M19 series had officially replaced the M1 and M1A1 boxes by the early 1960's. The M19A1 box started out as a .30 caliber box but after 1957 it was also adapted for use with 7.62mm NATO ammunition. The box has a rubber gasket and a removable lid. .......

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