24VDC, 425 watt microwave oven

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    24 VDC and 120 VAC Portable Microwave Oven

    shows a 24VDC, 425 watt microwave oven. With two 12VDC deep cycle 32 Amp-Hour batteries this strikes me as a method for cooking that could be supported by solar energy. The basic rating of the microwave is:

    An hour use in the morning would consume 18 Amp-Hours of charge from the battery pair (9 Amp-Hours each). I looked at the Harbor Freight 45 watt solar panel kit and saw it produces 3.75 amps at 12VDC. So it would take this kit 9/3.75, or say 3 hours to recharge one battery, 6 hours to recharge both batteries. This would provide one hot meal a day (the cooking time with a 425 watt microwave oven will be about 3 times the time of an 1100 watt microwave ... so if it takes 20 minutes to cook in an 1100 watt microwave it ought get finished in an hour in the 425 watt unit). I can play around with this regarding bigger batteries, a second solar panel kit, a second pair of batteries, ....

    My question though is, 'Has anyone setup a portable solar system for a SHTF situation ? If so would you share some of your hard earned wisdom ?
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    That's what I did. Built up a small solar rig to test.

    Actually works pretty well. All in all, spend money on batteries. That's where is counts.

    I built 4 solar panels from crap i got off ebay. Only have used 1 battery at this point, but plan on buying a lot more.
    Wind is also a very good idea, as is hydro. I plan to eventually incorporate all three into a power system.

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