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2018 Initiative Petition #44 Draft Ballot Title Requested

Secretary of State
Elections Division

Contact: [email protected] | 503-986-1518 | Toll Free 1-866-673-VOTE
Initiative Petition

On April 23, 2018, the Elections Division determined Initiative Petition 2018-044, proposed for the November 6, 2018, General Election, contained the required number of sponsorship signatures and has requested the Attorney General draft a ballot title.

Subject Provided by Chief Petitioners
Oregonians for Safe Gun Storage and Reporting Lost/Stolen Firearms

Chief Petitioners
Henry Wessinger, 1000 SW Vista Ave #1105 Portland, OR 97205
Vincenza Passalacqua (Jenna Yuille), 1704 19th St. NW #9 Washington, DC 20009
Paul Kemp, 8710 SE 137th Avenue Happy Valley, OR 97086

Draft Ballot Title Due from Attorney General
May 1, 2018

More information, including the text of the initiative and number of sponsorship signatures determined to be valid, is contained in the IRR Database available at

Today the Oregon Secretary of State announced that proposed ballot measure 44 had the required number of signatures (1000) to move on to the Attorney General for a draft ballot title.

This measure would hold you liable for any damage or injuries that happened with a firearm that you transferred, for 5 years after it was no longer yours unless you could prove it was transferred with a lock. There are many other absurd provisions too numerous to detail.

As with IP 43, the AG will create a proposed title and Oregon voters will be given an opportunity to comment on the proposed ballot title language.

After that anyone who provided a comment will have standing to challenge the ballot title in the Oregon Supreme Court.

The AG must provide the proposed title by May 1. We will post more info as this progresses.

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Oregon Firearms Federation
US Supreme Court ruled against the District of Columbia on this issues finding their law unconstitutional; if my memory is correct.

I just checked. It was the Heller Decision ruling 5:4 against the DC that required trigger locks were unconstitutional. San Francisco tried this as well and was ruled against; that is that SF has not more right than DC; which was unconstitutional. Let's see what the State of Oregon does in this area.
Last Edited:
US Supreme Court ruled against the District of Columbia on this issues finding their law unconstitional; if my memory is correct.
Yup, but this is Oregon and our state legislators are a special kind of stupid.

Only in Oregon will you get initiatives that are clearly unconstitutional... Guess all that weed has killed the last remaining brain cells.... Sigh....
It's the "blue wall" of the left Coast that the progressives are so in love with. I'm hoping that Cali will secede, then all of the proggie @sswipes will flock to their new utopia.

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